Triple your cryptocurrencies in a falling market?
Triple your cryptocurrencies in a falling market?

Triple your cryptocurrencies in a falling market?

By Crypto Advertising - 8 Jul 2022

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If you don’t wish to risk your capital speculating on future crypto market prices but also don’t want to just HODL and leave your digital currency sitting idle, then an interest-generating wallet is the way to go.

Even in a bear market you can safely store your funds and continue to earn a consistent rate of interest, while you wait for the market to recover.

There are countless options to choose from so to get the most secure, profitable wallet that best meets your specific needs, you have to first create a checklist.

So, what are the most important features you should be looking for in a crypto wallet?

Generous interest rates

High APY offered

Obviously, when it comes to finding a home for your crypto or FIAT capital your number one priority is going to be profit. Currently, one of the leading players in this regard is the recently launched ArbiSmart wallet, which guarantees industry-high rates of up to 147% a year. 

A secure platform

Security plays a key role

Security is also key, since it doesn’t matter how high the interest rate is if they can’t guarantee the integrity of your account. The crypto arena has some bad actors so it’s critical to place your funds in a wallet with a proven record for reliability, security, and transparency.

Here too, the new ArbiSmart wallet sets a high bar. The entire project ecosystem is EU registered, with active operating authorization issued by the Lithuanian FCIS. The project is authorized to provide a range of virtual currency services and is obliged to comply with tough technological security protocols and to implement strict AML and KYC procedures. 

Requirements include maintaining a secure, functional platform and software, holding sufficient operational capital to cover all funds held on the platform, and providing thorough wallet-holder capital protection. 

Flexible savings options

Earn high rewards in a flexible way

Everyone has different financial circumstances and has unique needs and preferences, regarding everything from access to capital, to account currency choice. So, when picking a wallet, personalization is crucial. 

Once more ArbiSmart is setting a high standard. For a start, there is an extensive list of supported FIAT and digital currencies, from top traditional currencies such as EUR, USD, and GBP to leading crypto coins like BTC, ETH, XRP, COMP, BNB, APE, AAVE,  AXS, and LINK, among many others.

There are also a number of different types of plans. A wallet holder can choose an interest-free account that enables them to always retain instant access to their capital, or they can earn passive profits by locking their funds in a savings plan for a two, three, or five-year stretch.

In addition, they have various options on how to receive profits. Interest on the capital in a locked balance is paid out daily, and a wallet holder can decide to have it automatically transferred to a separate, open balance where it can be withdrawn at any time. Alternatively, the interest can be kept in the locked balance alongside the capital on which it is being earned, generating a higher rate of return. 

A strong native token 


Another major factor to consider when picking a wallet, is the strength of the native token that fuels the project. 

Again, ArbiSmart is leading the pack, with a native token, RBIS that is rising in value, even as other major coins prices are crashing. 

One reason for RBIS’s consistent upward trajectory is the fact that wallet holders benefit from great incentives when they purchase the token. The more RBIS they own, the higher their account level will be, and the higher the interest rate they receive on all the supported currencies they store in their wallet. 

In addition, RBIS balances earn interest reaching up to 147% a year, whereas all other supported FIAT and crypto balances earn interest of up to 49% a year.  

The wallet holder can choose to receive their daily interest in RBIS, even for a EUR or BTC balance, and this will also increase their profits. 

Finally, although not a direct financial incentive, each RBIS token is equal to one vote, so owning more RBIS also means greater voting power over the future of the platform.

By owning RBIS, wallet holders will be able to earn high rates on digital and FIAT currencies, even in a bear market. This means that even as crypto market prices drop, RBIS should become stronger, leading to amazing capital gains too.

Another reason for the rising RBIS price is that as the new wallet gains traction, more RBIS is being taken out of general circulation to be locked in savings plans. The RBIS supply is finite, forever capped at 450M, so as the wallet user-base grows, the available token supply is shrinking. At the same time, demand continues to rise, driving up the price.

New RBIS utilities in the pipeline for the latter half of 2022 are likely to push up the token value even further in the coming months. In fact, analysts are projecting a rise from the current price of below one dollar to $27 by Q1 2022. 

According to the roadmap, ArbiSmart will be introducing a mobile application, a collection of unique digital artworks, an NFT marketplace, and a decentralized yield farming program. In H2, the development team is also hoping to launch a cryptocurrency exchange as well as a play-to-earn metaverse.  

Taking all these various factors into consideration ArbiSmart offers one of the best wallets out there. When the market is falling you want a secure haven for your crypto where it isn’t just sitting, waiting for a recovery but making exceptionally high interest, starting day one. If you can add capital gains profits to that from an increasingly strong native token you are well positioned to come out the other side of the crash, richer than you started.

To open a savings plan with an ArbiSmart wallet, sign up here

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