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BIG EYES, CELO, and ZILLIQA: Three Crypto Assets that Can Make You Profit After the Ongoing Bear Market


Only a handful of crypto investors are doing well in the present market. The majority have witnessed their portfolio’s value decline by over 50% during a period many have referred to as “one of the worst bear rallies” ever. This won’t last forever, but you must make good purchases to ensure your portfolio doesn’t take long to recover. 

Big Eyes Coin

Celo (CELO), Zilliqa (ZIL), and Big Eyes (BIG) are crypto assets many believe have the potential to yield profit beyond the bear market. They can help your portfolio recover quickly, and we look into them in detail below.  

Stay Smart With CELO (Celo)

Celo is a decentralized blockchain-based platform that aims to improve the use of digital currencies by making them easily accessible to smartphone users. It leverages the high statistics of smartphone users to increase crypto asset adoption and uses individuals’ mobile numbers as their public key. 

It is also a smart contracts execution platform, and it supports developers in building decentralized applications (DApps), providing them with needed resources and functionality. The dual token Blockchain network brings endless possibilities and opportunities to smartphone users by allowing them to leverage crypto assets for their benefits easily. 

CELO is the platform’s main token. It is used to pay transaction fees, and users can stake it to earn rewards and gain voting power within the ecosystem. CELO’s run this current year hasn’t been impressive, just like other altcoins, but it could rally beyond its current points towards its $10+ all-time high in the coming month. This could yield a good take-home profit. 

Zinging Zilliqa (ZIL) 

Big Eyes Coin

Zilliqa is a blockchain-based permissionless public network that employs layer-2 scaling solutions, leveraging the sharded network to provide a high throughput platform with high scalability and speed. 

The decentralized smart contract platform allows you to develop DApps seamlessly and provides passive income-earning opportunities through yield farming and staking. Zilliqa is backed by research, and the developers ensure the crypto asset is eco-friendly, user-friendly, cost-effective, safe, and secure. The Zilliqa token (ZIL) is the platform’s native currency, and it powers its numerous functionality. 

The low-price cryptocurrency could experience an upward rally that will see it break the $0.5 barrier for the first time when the bear market is over. It currently sells below $0.05 and could be a worthy purchase when the imminent bull market returns.

Big Eyes Coin

The Beauty Of Big Eyes Coin (BIG) 

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has grown from being described as a stray cat in the doge’s community to a fierce cute cat giving the community worthy competition.  The cat-theme meme coin could spur the rise of other successful cat-themed meme coins, making the meme landscape balanced and having various options. 


About 200 billion Big Eyes Coins (BIG) will be in circulation, with over 80% available at presale for the community. Everyone has equal chances of holding the volume they wish to. The meme coin presale generates more buzz each day. As of the time of writing, it’s on the verge of hitting $5m, a big boost from its $3.24 valuation a few days ago. 


This indicates that Big Eyes (BIG) adoption is high, and the crypto project’s optimism keeps growing stronger. Enthusiasts believe it’s the next meme project to blow and have identified its DeFi and NFTs-related use cases as a strong factor that makes it relevant. 


Big Eyes (BIG) will soon sell out its fourth presale stage. The more you delay, the lesser your potential profit margin becomes. Join the presale now to enjoy maximum ROI if it eventually increases in value. 

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