FIFA World Cup Qatar Collaborates With Algorand, What Can Big Eyes Coin Learn From This?
FIFA World Cup Qatar Collaborates With Algorand, What Can Big Eyes Coin Learn From This?

FIFA World Cup Qatar Collaborates With Algorand, What Can Big Eyes Coin Learn From This?

By Crypto Advertising - 15 Nov 2022

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The 22nd FIFA World Cup tournament is almost upon us, with the first game being held this Sunday. This year’s games have been fraught with controversy, with many claiming human rights violations and ungodly amounts of money being poured into the event. Further controversy erupted when FIFA and EA Sports parted ways this year. 

As a result, FIFA has introduced a portfolio of online 3 games designed to engage and persuade football enthusiasts to invest in cryptocurrency. It has licenced various projects, including the AI League football game Altered State Machine and Upland. Upland’s digital collectables appear to compete with FIFA+ Collect on the official website, which was created in collaboration with official blockchain partner Algorand (ALGO). Meanwhile, there is an upcoming meme token that looks to take the market by storm by the name of Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Can Big Eyes Coin Attract Big Organisations To Its Network? 

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is an upcoming meme token that is looking to garner the attention of several big corporations to help further promote the cutest cat network. The new crypto project takes a distinctive approach to the meme coin industry by featuring a manga/anime-style feline figurehead with huge pupils. By designing its avatar in this manner, BIG is catering to Japan, which is advantageous given the country’s estimated 3.21 million active Bitcoin accounts.

Big Eyes Coin

Furthermore, with the anime industry valued at $24.80 billion in 2021, Big Eyes Coin is aiming for a popular market, which may entice organisations to collaborate with the network. Aside from brand aesthetics, BIG hopes to attract capital to the decentralised financial ecosystem, which has yet to be fully mainstreamed in society. 

Additionally, the blockchain network’s peculiarity originates from its goal to protect a critical component of the world’s ecology while simultaneously moving income into the DeFi ecosystem. BIG does this by establishing a special charity wallet in which 5% of the total supply is donated to ocean sanctuaries. Businesses are typically interested in charitable organisations because they aid those in need while maintaining a favourable public image. 

The Significance Of The Algorand And FIFA Collaboration 

Big Eyes Coin

Algorand (ALGO) is a distributed ledger with a permissionless consensus process that attempts to reduce technological limitations in the blockchain. To solve the blockchain trilemma, Algorand employs a pure proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm based on a Byzantine agreement. In response to the long transaction speeds of Bitcoin and other blockchains, Algorand was created to speed up transactions and enhance efficiency. Algorand is supposed to have cheaper transaction costs and no mining (unlike Bitcoin’s energy-intensive mining). 

Big Eyes Coin

On 1 May 2022, FIFA announced its collaboration with the blockchain network, agreeing to a sponsorship and technical partnership deal. According to the terms of the agreement, Algorand will become FIFA’s official blockchain platform and will provide the official blockchain-supported wallet solution. Furthermore, Algorand will be a FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Regional Supporter in North America, according to the sponsorship agreement.

The founder of Algorand, Silvio Micali, stated that the collaboration with FIFA will highlight the Algorand blockchain’s potential to alter the way we all experience the world’s games, as it is the most widely recognised and prestigious sports organisation. 

Final Thoughts 

FIFA’s collaboration with Algorand will surely open up new opportunities for cryptocurrencies, as it is one of the biggest organisations in the world. Big Eyes Coin’s unique marketing, creativity, and innovation may lead to a large collaboration with a corporation such as FIFA in the future. BIG has already made an impression on people, with 56,000 Twitter followers and $9.84 million raised in the sixth stage of its presale. Imagine what BIG could achieve once it officially launches if it had such an impact in its presale. 

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