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Porsche enters the world of NFTs

The world-famous carmaker Porsche, during Art Basel in Miami, unveils its entry into the digital world by launching an NFT collection based on the historic Porsche 911. 

Another company on the crest of a wave toward digitizing the art world. 

Porsche’s new NFT collection

Porsche’s new project in the field of digital art is by a former Hamburg architect, Patrick Vogel, now no longer in the world of architecture. For some years now, Patrick Vogel has been realizing himself as a 3D designer and artist, creating his ALT/SHIFT studio, where he is creating an impressive visual language for various applications.

As for the Porsche project, designer Patrick Vogel focused on the silhouette of a white Porsche 911, complete with all its details. 

In the collaborative project with Porsche, buyers can influence the design of their individual NFTs in a very engaging and interesting several-month journey.

The NFT can be created according to one’s personal preferences, choosing from major themes of the famous car brand and integrating them into non-fungible artwork. 

The Performance, Heritage and Lifestyle paths will influence the appearance and character of the digital collectibles. Owners then have access to their individual collectibles in the virtual world, each created by Unreal Engine 5.

Vice president and member of Porsche’s finance management, Lutz Meschk, was very enthusiastic at the presentation of the project, calling it an extraordinary step into the future: 

“This project is another element of our digitisation strategy. We have made our commitment to the long haul and our Web3 team has the autonomy to develop innovations in this dimension as well. Porsche’s innovation management also sees potential in the purchasing experience, metaverse and supply chain. Vehicle and sustainability issues are also considered.”

Unique and innovative NFTs 

Detlev von Platen, executive committee member for sales and marketing, said:

“NFT artworks allow us to bring our understanding of modern luxury and the unique positioning of the Porsche brand in the digital world.”

Starting in early 2023, potential customers who purchase Porsche’s NFTs will have access to the opportunity to purchase 7,500 unique pieces. The purchase of NFTs is limited to a maximum of three per person, which makes the product even more exclusive.

The appeal of the automotive brand and the digital representation of one of the most beautiful models launched by Porsche, the white 911, make the product very appealing. Digital art is just one aspect of Porsche’s Web3 strategy. The sports car manufacturer is working to integrate the potential of blockchain technology into existing and future processes and solutions. 

Porsche’s presentation at Art Basel even includes a giant sculpture by Chris Labrioy, which depicts a giant professional driver playing with a real 911 as if it were a child’s toy car. The German automaker’s idea is to get in touch with the art world to bring its cars onto digital canvases. With the goal of expanding its products to a new, younger, digital audience.

Porsche has always been a charming, elegant and timeless product. This new strategy may take the brand even higher, with an eye toward the future.