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Crypto: outsiders Audius and Coti on the rise while Sandbox struggles

Audius (AUDIO) and Coti increase in value at an impressive pace due to business deals and more, whereas The Sandbox rises due to appeal among crypto assets.

Analysis of Audius, Coti and Sandbox crypto platforms

Thanks to a commercial agreement with Tik Tok, some crypto assets emerge from the shadows, this is the case of Audius which doubles its value, same fate but due to different causes for COTI, which unleashes the imagination of a new generation of programmers. 

The Sandbox suffers a setback after an upbeat start to the year but its Metaverse remains among the most popular to date. 


Audius (AUDIO) grows 55.59% in the last week bringing home +26.97% from yesterday alone. 

The jaw-dropping performance takes AUDIO to €0.25 and targets support at €0.30 before making another run. 

The token is still at 94.45% from the all time high of €4.59 but investors are already rubbing their hands at what has happened in a very short time. 

As of today, there are 935,984,399 AUDIO in circulation. 

Audius is a dApp that serves as a music streaming platform, is based on the POA network, but is now on Solana.

The project was created to address the music industry’s problems grappling with the impasse over copyrights, transparency, and middlemen who profit between artists and audiences. 

Artists create content on Audius for free after which their tracks are streamed at 320 kbps in the style of Spotify and Google Play Music.

One can upload stored and distributed music by type and discovery nodes, the audience will then enjoy everything for free. 

Those who make music will receive rewards including presence on weekly trending lists.

More stablecoins for artists may soon be integrated to give artists a chance to earn money. 

The company founded in California in 2018 by Roneil Rumburg and Forrest Browning signed a deal with TikTok that led it to double in value this week. 

The news of the deal with the social media company TikTok put the company in a very good light, and investors bought AUDIO in full force. 

The price even spiked as high as $0.30 doubling the value of the token in a single day.

Thanks to the agreement signed with the platform popular with Generation Z, through Audius, artists will be able to share their tracks giving users the opportunity to use them for their own content. 

By doing so, the popularity of the tracks will skyrocket and they will be more commercially attractive. 


COTI is the native token of the company with the same name, a “DAG (directed acyclic graph) protocol optimized for creating decentralized payment networks and stablecoins.”

Thanks to Trustchain, the token can process more than 100,000 transactions per second online or offline payments, loyalty, stablecoin or more. 

Coti travels on the Ethereum blockchain and is an ERC-20.

The price of the token just as Audius experienced a sudden surge last week appreciating 35.12%. 

Today the token gains 6.35% and touches 0.09 Euro well off its all-time high of 0.62 Euro but in high gear. 

Coti owes its success to the new generation of programmers who increasingly choose it to bring their projects to life in the crypto world

The Sandbox

SAND is the Ethereum-based token of the most popular metaverse in the crypto world, The Sandbox (along with Nemesis). 

Sandbox is a multiplayer metaverse in which we can in turn build our dream world, buy land, build houses, open stores, make cash from selling goods or services, and enjoy the blockchain-based game experience to socialize with other people.

Online game creators can create new three-dimensional NFTs from scratch that can be traded throughout the metaverse.

SAND acts as a currency within the platform to purchase NFTs and not only that but also gives the opportunity to vote by taking part in the company’s guidance in an active way. 

The Sandbox has signed agreements with a multitude of even well-known brands and internationally renowned figures to expand as a user base. 

Adoption of the metaverse also comes through these agreements, and for The Sandbox it is working according to data that see the game becoming increasingly popular. 

Gucci, Adidas, or international finance names such as HSBC or mainstream/entrepreneurial figures such as Paris Hilton and Snoop Dogg are just some of the names featured in The Sandbox. 

Playboy recently opened its own office in the metaverse and throws a mega party every November. 

This year the company will celebrate its 69-year history on The Sandbox.

The price of SAND, which was growing at a good pace, loses 6.87% since yesterday, and returns to €0.68. 

There are currently 1,499,470,108.223 SAND in circulation.

George Michael Belardinelli
George Michael Belardinelli
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