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Binance launches Bicasso: the NFT generator powered by artificial intelligence

Following the success of the beta version of Bicasso, Binance’s Artificial Intelligence-powered NFT generator that reached as many as 10,000 mints in 2.5 hours on 1 March, the service will be extended starting next Wednesday.

Binance NFT Bicasso and the 12-hour test release to 100,000 users worldwide

Binance, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, will allow as many as 100,000 users worldwide to experience the new artificial intelligence service for creating NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

Mayur Kamat, Head of Product at Binance:

“With Bicasso we have the opportunity to combine the power of AI and Web3 to dedicate an unprecedented experience to Binance users. The feedback we received with the beta test launched in early March was critical in understanding the importance of the service, which is why we decided to implement it globally,” 

confirming how artificial intelligence offers unique opportunities within Web3

Access to Bicasso will be enabled for 12 hours for 100,000 users worldwide, both existing and new, from 2 PM on 29 March until 2 AM on 30 March, based on the order of requests. Requests that will have to follow the procedures described on Binance’s official channels.

What is Bicasso

Bicasso, the name of which comes from the combination of “Binance” and “Picasso,” is a service that allows users to create, mint and own a custom image made through Artificial Intelligence.

Bicasso is similar to other generative AI platforms dedicated to visual content, such as Midjourney or DALL-E, through which users can enter a descriptive text (prompt) that the AI uses to instantly produce an image. Moreover, creativity can be further “guided” by the user by uploading a reference image or photo.

Compared to other generative AIs, Bicasso additionally offers the possibility of associating an NFT with the generated image on the BNB chain (Binance’s blockchain – ed.), without the need for additional steps or other platforms.

In fact, Bicasso provides a simple process, thanks to which the mint (i.e., creation) of an NFT becomes accessible to everyone: in fact, it is sufficient to upload an image, such as one’s own profile photo, and provide creative suggestions afterwards. At that point, Bicasso will combine the characteristics of the image with the suggestions given by the user, offering an output that can be further refined.

Once the desired image is obtained, one can mint their creations as NFTs on the BNB chain, and in turn they can then be used as profile images, shared on one’s social channels, or transferred to one’s wallet.

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Bicasso: How to participate in the NFT project launch

To win the opportunity to take part in Bicasso’s global launch on 29 March, users will need to go to Binance NFT, view the page dedicated to Bicasso, log in (or register with Binance if they do not yet have an account) and invite their friends, either by sharing a QR code or a referral link. If the invitation is accepted, both users will receive a ticket to participate in the launch.

Bicasso: the airdrop of an exclusive NFT and Binance’s beta tester program

To celebrate the global launch, Binance has prepared an Exclusive Bicasso NFT Collection, which includes a series of dogs and cats generated by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence: these unique pieces can be obtained by users as part of a referral program.

The 500 lucky users drawn by lot, along with the exclusive NFT, will also receive the opportunity for free minting of an NFT and will also become Beta Tester members of Binance, thus having early access to new products and upcoming features introduced by the company. In particular, one of the first products that Beta Testers will have the opportunity to try out is an artificial intelligence-driven chatbot integrated into Binance Academy. Powered by advanced ChatGPT technology, the chatbot provides users with reliable and up-to-date answers about the Web3 and the blockchain industry.

The Live of Binance Italia

On Tuesday 28 Marchat 6 PM (CET), Filippo Anania, Head of Events & Community, and Filippo Balsano, Growth Marketing Manager at Binance Italia, will hold a free live broadcast in which they will explain all the details of Bicasso.