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Binance announces Launchpool for Radiant Capital: what is the crypto RDNT

Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading exchange, recently announced the introduction of a new launchpool, this time for the Radiant Capital (RDNT) crypto.

How does this interesting product from Binance work? What is Radiant Capital?

Discover it in this article.

What is the Radiant Capital (RDNT) crypto?

Radiant Capital is a money market similar to Aave, built on Arbitrum and BNB Smart Chain, using Layer Zero technology.

In the platform it is possible to provide liquidity or borrow assets such as DAI, USDC, USDT, ETH and WBTC.

For each crypto there is an interest rate to be paid in the event of borrowing, or to be received in the event of depositing. There is also a mechanism to receive tokens in Radiant Capital’s RDNT crypto and receive a higher return.

The same RDNT token can be staked by receiving interest in diversified fractions of other tokens.

This is a good method to accumulate mainly stablecoins, ETH and WBTC.

In this regard, it should be noted that there is still no native version of BTC in blockchain smart contracts, but “Dfinity Foundation” has recently launched its own Chain-key Bitcoin standard.

On the technical analysis front, Radiant Capital’s RDNT crypto has performed very well over the past 3 months.

It has gone from a value of $0.043, recorded on 5 January 2023, to its current value of $0.357 per token. That is a frightening price increase of about 830%.

The current market capitalization is $72 million, with volumes of nearly $35 million in the last 24 hours. Circulating supply equal to 20% of total supply.

The main centralized markets for trading the crypto RDNT are Binance, Gate.io, Okex and Kucoin. However, if you prefer to trade it on DEX, the best markets are found on Pancakeswap and Uniswap.

The token contracts are the following:

BNB Chain: 0xf7de7e8a6bd59ed41a4b5fe50278b3b7f31384df

Arbitrum: 0x3082CC23568eA640225c2467653dB90e9250AaA0

grafico prezzo crypto radiant capital rdnt

How do Binance’s Launchpools work?

Launchpools are an interesting product that Binance offers to its users.

It is a very simple way to put one’s cryptocurrencies to work and earn new tokens without incurring great risks, other than the inherent risks of the platform itself and market volatility. Let’s try to explain in more detail what launchpools consist of.

Launchpool is a financial product created by Binance that allows its users to delegate tokens such as BNB and TUSD to earn passive returns paid in other tokens, usually those related to new projects launched in the market, such as in this case the Radiant Capital project and its RDNT crypto.

The mechanism is really simple:

First, you need to be a registered and verified user on Binance.

By clicking on the “Earn” item and then on “Launchpad” you can enter the dashboard that shows all the projects on the platform’s launchpad.

launchpool crypto radiant capital rdnt

This type of product is not always accessible; indeed, there is a time constraint in which you can “stake” your tokens.

There are no lock or vesting mechanisms; all assets can be redeemed at any time.

In the case of the Launchpool of Radiant Capital’s RDNT crypto, the farming period is 40 days. There are currently 34 days left for passive returns.

For each pool there is an APY, which is an annualized percentage yield and the total number of tokens put into staking.

Do not be fooled by the APY figures, this is a percentage that is hypothetically paid out over a YEAR and not over the entire farming period.

Nonetheless, Launchpool remains a great product for earning returns untied from one’s time.

Hence if you already hold BNB (and do not need to buy it and incur the risk of market volatility) why not accept receiving free tokens, even if in a reduced amount?

The Radiant Capital project and the RDNT crypto were useful for receiving airdrop from Arbitrum

The RDNT crypto and its Radiant Capital platform were one of the horses to bet on to get Arbitrum’s recent airdrop.

As a reminder, the Arbitrum Dao recently announced the release of its governance token to all early adopters in the ecosystem who have dedicated their time and funds on platforms like Radiant Capital and crypto assets like RDNT.

The eligibility criteria are very complex, and it certainly would not have been enough to operate solely on Radiant’s platform.

To qualify for the airdrop it was necessary to be compliant in at least 3 of these points:

  • having bridged on Arbitrum one or Arbitrum Nova
  • having made transactions on multiple occasions
  • having interacted with several smart contracts
  • having carried out transactions with a value greater than $10,000
  • having bridged on Arbitrum One with a value greater than $10,000
  • Having conducted at least 3 transactions on Arbitrum Nova.

Beyond that, Radiant Capital and the RDNT crypto are key pillars of Arbitrum’s infrastructure.

Radiant is the fourth-largest protocol by value locked on Arbitrum’s blockchain, behind only GMX, Uniswap, and Aave.

According to DefiLlama’s data, the TVL on Arbitrum is $129 million, while that on the BSC is $61 million. It is very interesting to note that the total blocked stakes on Radiant are far greater than the entire market capitalization of the RDNT token.

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