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Winklevoss: “SEC war on crypto will cost Democrats the 2024 election”

The Winklevoss twins comment on Twitter on the “war on crypto” unleashed lately by the SEC. 

According to the co-founders of the Gemini crypto-exchange, the crypto sector has already won over Millennials and GenZ and, therefore, it will be the Democrats who lose out in the 2024 elections

Gemini’s Winklevosses and claims against the SEC’s war on crypto

The Winklevoss twins, co-founders of the Gemini crypto-exchange, went wild on Twitter, sharing their thoughts about the latest allegations against several crypto companies by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

Earlier in the day yesterday, both Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss engaged in politics with their tweets. 

Cameron Winklevoss wanted to emphasize how the crypto sector has already won the hearts and minds of Millennials and GenZ, stating that their issue is not on the merits of crypto-space but on what and where to build next. 

Something that both the SEC Chairman, Gary Gensler and Senator Elizabeth Warren seem to really want to thwart with the latest and continuing charges against crypto companies. 

The Winklevosses take the field to defend the crypto industry from the SEC’s charges

Gemini’s Cameron shared a CNN headline from 2022 indicating that Democrats saved face in last year’s election thanks to young people.

To this, Gemini countered by arguing that it is now this “war on crypto” that will hurt young Democratic aspirants in particular.

Not only that, Tyler Winklevoss also wanted to express his as follows: 

Tyler would even compare the current moment with the 1973 Roe vs Wade ruling on abortion, which, at the time, damaged the midterm elections for Republicans

According to the Winklevoss twin, even now the mood against the crypto sector could hurt the Democrats, a political party to which Elizabeth Warren herself belongs.

In this past week, just as the SEC sued both Binance and Coinbase, Warren reportedly sent a letter to US Attorney General Merrick Garland, countersigned also by Senator Chris Van Hollen of the Democratic Party. 

That letter seeks to point out to Garland that Binance.US is under investigation by the SEC for blatant non-compliance with federal securities laws. Not only that, Warren pointed out that Binance.US may also have lied about its claims of being a “separate entity” from Binance

New headquarters in Europe for the two crypto-billionaires’ company 

Recently, just because the situation in the US seems not to be favoring the crypto sector, the Winklevoss brothers went to Ireland, to inaugurate Gemini’s new headquarters in Europe

And indeed, it was MiCA‘s European regulation that won over the two crypto billionaires to the point where they chose to set up a new European headquarters in the Republic of Ireland. 

Both Cameron and Tyler are also part of a ranking of crypto-billionaires compiled by Wegamble. With their residency still in the US, the Winklevoss twins take a spot on the list, holding $3 billion in net worth.

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