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Chancer announces its plans to conquer the blockchain gambling industry by raising $15 million


In a bold move set to redefine the betting landscape, Chancer has announced a comprehensive strategy to launch itself into the blockchain-based gambling industry, backed by a formidable $15 million fundraising effort.

The revolutionary project, initiated by the visionary Kelbie brothers, is set to harness the transformative power of blockchain technology to disrupt traditional betting canons. Chancer is not just yet another betting agency but an innovative platform in which users become the market makers and its native token, CHANCER, is central to the process. Set to shake the foundations of the $63.5 billion gambling industry, Chancer is an opportunity that cryptocurrency investors cannot afford to miss.

How Chancer could change the gambling industry

Poised to make waves in the burgeoning online gambling industry, Chancer is emerging as a revolutionary contender with the potential to disrupt the status quo. This budding platform not only brings a fresh perspective to the industry, but is also poised to radically redefine the very essence of online gambling as the project begins its highly anticipated presale.

The heart of Chancer lies in its peer-to-peer (P2P) model, an innovative approach that decentralizes betting and challenges the dominance of traditional bookmakers. Leveraging its native token, CHANCER, the platform allows users to organize their own betting arena, from betting among friends to large-scale predictions on globally significant events, such as the date of the Mars landing.

The current online betting landscape often leaves users at the mercy of the whims of the house, which invariably tilts the odds in its favor. Chancer, however, fundamentally changes this dynamic, as users gain control over the creation of markets, the setting of odds, and the definition of resolution sources, all overseen by independent moderators to ensure fairness.

Chancer represents the founders’ ambition to harness the potential of blockchain technology and reshape the online gambling industry. With a clear focus on transparency and putting the power in the hands of its users, Chancer is well positioned to succeed with both casual and serious gamblers. By infusing a playful element into betting, Chancer could turn the online gambling industry around.

What is Chancer?

Chancer is an ambitious project that aims to usher in a new era in the betting industry by launching a peer-to-peer (P2P) betting platform backed by blockchain technology for superior transparency and security. The platform proposes a significant departure from the conventional “counter” model, allowing users to bet directly with each other in groups of any size.

Uniquely designed as a decentralized platform, Chancer allows users to directly deposit their cryptocurrency and immediately start betting, with all transactions and betting facilitated by the platform’s native token, CHANCER. This high level of utility has been seen as a key determinant of the project’s potential price run over the remainder of the year.

To ensure fairness and integrity, Chancer employs impartial moderators who monitor all wagering activity on the platform. To further enhance user engagement, the platform facilitates live interactions via Google’s WebRTC, creating opportunities for collaborative discussion on potential markets and custom bets. This innovation gives a new dimension to P2P betting.

How does CHANCER work?

CHANCER, as a platform utility token, is at the center of the Chancer ecosystem. It allows users to set their own odds in customized prediction markets and guarantees efficient payouts if they win.

Upon completion of the presale, the CHANCER token will be launched on Binance’s Smart Chain (BSC), promoting inexpensive network fees and quick confirmation of transactions. This implementation will further enhance the user experience, ensuring smooth and fast transactions while betting.

With the global online gambling market continuing to grow, Chancer’s potential to secure considerable market share is promising, which could translate into a bright future for CHANCER token holders. This innovation in P2P betting aligns perfectly with the spirit of cryptocurrencies, providing a simplified and straightforward interface for placing bets with counterparties, and could be a key step in the transformation of the industry to take advantage of Web3 technology.

Is CHANCER a good investment?

Chancer’s cryptocurrency presale not only represents a unique investment opportunity, but also looks set to leave a seismic impact on the blockchain industry and the cryptocurrency market. With its innovative P2P betting solution, Chancer is able to attract a substantial user base and generate significant demand for its CHANCER token, creating a potentially lucrative opportunity for early investors.

As part of its ambitious launch, Chancer has put CHANCER tokens up for sale at $0.010 while the presale is in Phase 1, although with such fierce interest, it is unlikely to remain at this price for much longer. The enticing entry points available in the presale should continue to captivate investors in the Web3 landscape, marking the beginning of an exciting journey for the platform and its native token.

The presale is structured strategically, with the price of CHANCER tokens increasing incrementally as each round ends. In Phase 12, the tokens will be worth $0.021, a potential 110 percent increase over the initial price.

For interested investors, the presale represents an incredible proposition, and with its potential to disrupt the online betting industry and offer impressive returns in the cryptocurrency market, Chancer and its CHANCER token could be a respectable addition to many cryptocurrency portfolios, particularly for those who recognize the value of seizing opportunities in the early stages for the purpose of making the greatest profits.

You can participate in the CHANCER presale here.

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