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Crypto news: BlackRock mentions optimal share of Bitcoin in an investor risk portfolio

Global fund manager BlackRock has made news by mentioning an optimal share of Bitcoin in an investor risk portfolio. 

The revelation came to light thanks to cryptocurrency analyst and trader Michael van de Poppe, who shared a screenshot of a BlackRock document on social media.

The document, titled “Asset Allocation with Crypto: Application of Preferences for Positive Skewness,” indicates that the optimal share of Bitcoin in a risky portfolio is set at an astonishing 84.9%. 

Despite being dated in early 2022, the information remains relevant to the cryptocurrency investment community and could have significant implications for the future of Bitcoin.

BlackRock’s impact on the crypto market and Bitcoin in particular

Earlier this year, BlackRock rocked the cryptocurrency market when it submitted an application to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulator for a spot Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) on Bitcoin. 

This move was followed by a similar application from investment firm Invesco. Deposits from these established investment companies played a crucial role in pushing the price of Bitcoin above the $30,000 level. 

The effect was amplified by the fact that other major Wall Street firms, including Fidelity, also deposited their own spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Unfortunately, the initial deposits of these ETFs were deemed inadequate by the SEC, which led to their rejection. However, the companies quickly corrected the filings and resubmitted them for review. 

Despite the temporary setback, the interest shown by these influential financial institutions demonstrates the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies as viable investment assets.

Michael van de Poppe is a well-known Bitcoin trader and analyst who strongly believes in the importance of BlackRock’s proposed exposure to Bitcoin for the future growth of cryptocurrency. 

According to a report he cited, analysts at BlackRock, a prestigious American multinational investment firm based in New York, said that an optimal risk portfolio should include a substantial 84% allocation in Bitcoin. 

This revelation has caught the attention of the cryptocurrency community, as it signals a growing acceptance of Bitcoin as a legitimate investment asset by major financial institutions.

Van de Poppe’s tweet challenges analysts

In a recent tweet, Van de Poppe challenged the views of those who predict a drop in Bitcoin’s price to $12,000. 

He expressed his confidence in the long-term potential of the flagship cryptocurrency and boldly stated that if the price were to fall to that level, he would take the opportunity to buy more Bitcoin.

Adding to the enthusiasm for BlackRock’s analysis, Joe Burnett of Blockware, a leading Bitcoin solutions company, believes that this analysis could be a game changer for the entire cryptocurrency market. 

Burnett argues that if all investors followed BlackRock’s optimal allocation, the value of Bitcoin would exceed the combined value of all stocks, real estate and bonds by five times. 

Considering that global wealth totals about $800 trillion, Burnett speculates that BlackRock’s proposal implies that each Bitcoin would be valued at as much as $190 million.

Despite the optimism, the cryptocurrency market remains volatile. Bitcoin’s price has recently dropped nearly 5% in the past 72 hours, falling below the $30,000 support level and raising concerns among some investors. 

However, Van de Poppe maintains a different perspective, especially in light of developments regarding BlackRock’s demand for ETFs. Market sentiment and the potential impact of institutional investment continue to be significant factors influencing the value and trajectory of the cryptocurrency.


In conclusion, Michael van de Poppe’s confidence in the importance of BlackRock’s proposed exposure to Bitcoin reflects the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies in mainstream finance. 

The idea that a leading global fund manager like BlackRock recognizes Bitcoin as a viable asset in an optimal risk portfolio is a remarkable development that could pave the way for further institutional interest. 

Joe Burnett’s optimistic projection of Bitcoin’s potential value fuels the already enthusiastic outlook for the cryptocurrency’s future. However, it is essential to remain cautious, as the inherent volatility of the cryptocurrency market can lead to sudden price fluctuations. 

While the cryptocurrency community is closely watching the progress of demand for ETFs from BlackRock and other institutional initiatives, the future of Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market remains both exciting and unpredictable. 

Investors should exercise diligence and do thorough research before making any investment decisions in this rapidly evolving landscape.