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Bitget simplifies crypto taxes: new API integrated with Koinly

Crypto news from well-known exchange Bitget, which recently decided to collaborate with Koinly to make cryptocurrency tax reporting easier.

See below for all the details. 

Bitget’s API integration to improve crypto tax calculation: the details 

As expected, Bitget, the leading cryptocurrency exchange and copy trading platform, is pleased to announce a significant enhancement to its API integration with the Koinly tax reporting platform, in direct response to valuable feedback from its active crypto user community. 

In an ever-changing cryptocurrency investment environment where tax implications have become paramount, Bitget has consistently partnered with renowned cryptocurrency tax tool providers to efficiently navigate this complex territory.

The strategic collaboration between Bitget and Koinly has therefore enabled a seamless integration of cryptocurrency tax reporting services into the exchange platform. 

This integration provides users with the ability to generate accurate cryptocurrency tax reports that accurately calculate profits and losses.

By continuously synchronising historical cryptocurrency transactions with Koinly, Bitget users will greatly simplify the complex tax calculation process. 

Best known for its automated transaction import functionality, Koinly supports more than 20,000 tokens, 170 blockchains and 400 exchanges, wallets and services, making it a comprehensive addition to the Bitget ecosystem.

This innovative update, shaped by valuable feedback from users of Koinly’s Bitget API, introduces new features that simplify and accelerate the crypto tax calculation process.

Some statements on Bitget’s latest news

Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, emphasised the importance of the community and user contributions, saying:

“Our commitment to enhancing user experience is unwavering. The input we receive from our users plays a pivotal role in shaping our products and services. The recent API upgrade is a direct result of their input. Our Trade smarter philosophy embodies Bitget’s dedication to empower individuals with intuitive tools, fostering a secure, user-friendly, and efficient financial future.”

On the other hand, Adam Saville-Brown, Managing Director of Koinly, also shares his enthusiasm for this partnership, stating: 

“Being a Crypto Tax Software partner of Bitget is a privilege. The enhanced API paves the way for us to elevate the level of service we provide to our users. We eagerly anticipate the collaborative opportunities ahead.”

Furthermore, Bitget Academy provides a valuable resource for those trying to understand the complex tax issues associated with cryptocurrencies. 

In fact, users can explore topics ranging from the tax implications of cryptocurrency transactions, accurate cryptocurrency tax reporting, effective tax planning and strategies, as well as detailed information on various cryptocurrency tax tools.

Bitget’s ongoing commitment to improving the user experience extends to cryptocurrency tax management. 

With an updated API and strategic partnerships such as Koinly, Bitget continues to set the standard for an intuitive user interface and an intelligent, user-centric approach to cryptocurrency trading and management.

Bitget Wallet and MOBOX: a revolutionary partnership in the world of blockchain and NFT games

In another recent development in the crypto and blockchain sector, we see that Bitget Wallet has announced a strategic partnership with MOBOX, a community-based gaming platform that is preparing a revolution in the world of blockchain games and NFT interoperability. 

Bitget Wallet, an unencrypted wallet that aspires to become a complete cryptocurrency and Web3 solution, has taken a significant step forward in expanding its offerings and strengthening its presence in the ever-evolving world of blockchain.

MOBOX is essentially driven by the vision of connecting different metaverses through NFTs, paving the way for a new era of NFT interoperability between different blockchain games and platforms. 

The platform aims to improve the utility of NFTs in the context of blockchain games, and to introduce new opportunities through innovative initiatives. 

One of MOBOX’s main goals is to promote the concept of “play to earn”, while preserving the essence of free games and ensuring access for all.

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