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Plan ₿ and Tether’s Bitcoin Film Festival (USDT) arrives in Lugano

The second edition of the Plan ₿ Forum in Lugano, in collaboration with Tether (USDT), will host a curious initiative this year, namely the Bitcoin Film Festival. 

The Forum dedicated to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will be held in October in Lugano, and will be organized as usual by the City of Lugano together with Tether. 

The Plan ₿ Forum in Lugano in collaboration with Tether (USDT)

The Plan ₿ Forum 2023 will be held in Lugano on 20 and 21 October, and will be the second edition after last year’s debut. 

The list of speakers who will appear during the event is impressive, counting top names such as Blockstream’s Adam Back and Nick Szabo, as well as, of course, Lugano Mayor Michele Foletti and Tether and Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino. 

Well-known names include Jameson Lopp and Max Keiser, but also Julian Assange’s wife Stella Assange, film producer Gabriel Shipton, Peter McCormack, and Giacomo Zucco. 

The goal is to provide a platform for stimulating discussions, within which they will discuss disintermediation of finance, accessibility of financial services, regulation of Bitcoin, and the challenges faced by individuals without banking services.

Plan ₿ is an official initiative of the City of Lugano, in collaboration with the issuer of the world’s largest stablecoin (USDT), namely Tether. 

The partnership began last year, and is continuing successfully. 

It allows first and foremost the payment of all city taxes in Bitcoin, USDT and LVGA, the city’s token, and has already established ten thousand partnerships with as many businesses and has already distributed more than 500 scholarships. 

They are also creating a 100+ million CHF investor pool for crypto startups in the territory, and a 3 million CHF initiative to develop tools and solutions to help local businesses integrate Bitcoin, Tether and LVGA payments.

The Bitcoin Film Festival 

As part of the Plan ₿ Forum 2023, the first Bitcoin Film Festival will be held. 

The initiative aims to showcase the power of storytelling through films, with a focus on the impact Bitcoin has on transforming society and the economy. It will host documentaries and themed films, aiming to educate, inspire and provoke reflection on the future of finance and personal freedom.

The Bitcoin Film Festival will be held on 22 October, and promises to offer a convergence between the world of cinema and the world of Bitcoin. The event will be free and open to the public.

It will host a wide selection of films that dig into the deep meaning of Bitcoin, specifically shedding light on its impact on the global economy, and providing insights into the far-reaching implications of this new technology. 

A comment

The CTO of Tether, Paolo Ardoino, said: 

“The collaboration between the Bitcoin Film Festival and Plan ₿ represents a union of creativity, innovation, and advocacy. By marrying the art of filmmaking with the transformative potential of Bitcoin, we have set out to inspire, educate, and empower attendees to envision the boundless possibilities of blockchain technology.”

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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