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The Starknet crypto airdrop is getting closer: last chance to become eligible.

We are here: Starknet is about to announce the release of its STARK crypto with an attached airdrop for all early adopters of its decentralized ecosystem.

Several rumors, partially confirmed by the Starknet team itself, tell us that the new currency of the layer-2 zk rollup is about to arrive very soon.

From here until the end of the month there will be the last chance to qualify as eligible subjects to redeem the airdrop, as soon as it is made public.

In this article we will see the steps to follow in order to receive free tokens from the project that has received funding of 282 million dollars in recent years.

It is estimated to be one of the largest airdrops in the history of cryptocurrencies.

Confirmed rumors of an imminent airdrop for Starknet

A few days ago, rumors about the imminent launch of the Starknet airdrop leaked on X.

Some users while browsing the web came across a sub-domain that seemed to belong to Starknet, within which all the information on the eligibility criteria for the next crypto airdrop was present STRK.

In particular, according to what emerged from the now deleted page, a wide variety of participants in the ecosystem would have been rewarded, including Starknet developers who have uploaded at least 5 commits on GitHub, GitHub developers mentioned in Electric Capital’s Ethereum reports, early adopters and Ethereum stakers, and Starkex users before June 2022.

What has surprised the most about the information in this section is the presence of Ethereum users, who, despite never having interacted with the rollup, would have a deserving place in the highly coveted selection.

As for the users of the Starknet blockchain, there were no further clarifications regarding which specific actions would guarantee access to the airdrop.

airdrop starknet criteria

Many users have questioned the veracity of this sub-domain highlighting a typing error in the word “Starknet”, distorted as “Straknet”.

Anyway, despite the growing doubts, the zk rollup team finally cleared any doubts to their community after a few days, clarifying that the page referred to a test portal that the developers have been working on for a long time.

It would therefore be a front-end that, like many others, would not necessarily have become public and its creation was dedicated to testing a plan for the distribution of STRK airdrop.

Starknet has confirmed the presence of an airdrop and that its community will be rewarded for the efforts made to support the cryptographic ecosystem.

Continuing in the post about X published, the same team also stated that any interaction from now on will no longer be counted and will not be able to influence in any way the eligibility of the airdrop.

However, in the past we have often witnessed the publication of false statements by blockchain project representatives, so even in this case we can imagine that future transactions could still result in eligibility for the airdrop.

What is certain, however, is that the release of the Starknet token is now imminent and could arrive very soon.

Become eligible for the airdrop with these steps

We are in the final stages of the Starknet airdrop: this is definitely the last opportunity we have to become eligible with our cryptographic address.

First of all, before performing any kind of operation, make sure you understand the mechanisms of DeFi and web3 and have performed some transactions on the Ethereum Mainnet in the past.

The anti-sybil mechanisms, exclude in advance all those wallets that have never been active on Ethereum and that have been recently created.

Proceed on the operational front only if you have at least 1000 dollars in crypto to dedicate to this kind of activity.

The steps to follow are as follows:

  1. Create an ArgentX or Bravos wallet and deposit the first ETH through the official Starkgate bridge: you can also choose third-party bridges that are less expensive in terms of fees, but it is advisable to transfer your funds at least once to the native one;
  2. Perform at least 10 swaps and provide liquidity on at least 3 platforms: (the most famous ones are 10kswap, Zklend, Myswap, and Jediswap). In general, the more operations you do in DeFi, the more chances you have to receive tokens from the airdrop;
  3. Buy a Starknet domain: just like the protocols on Ethereum and Solana, there are also decentralized domain marketplaces on Starknet. Minting one on “Starknet.ID” costs only 0.009 ETH for 1 year of registration;
  4. Use the messaging application DMAIL and participate in buying and selling NFT: the DMAIL platform in particular is a gem of the Starknet blockchain and its use could entitle you to receive the airdrop;
  5. Deploying a smart contract directly on Starknet: even if you don’t have coding skills, there are many tools that allow you to deploy and interact with a smart contract by performing simple automated functions.

Below is a guide provided by user X “Juliweb3” that explains step by step how to complete this step.

Don’t forget to periodically check your progress from here until the next few months, using airdrop simulators, which will provide you with all the data you need to evaluate your presence on the blockchain.

In general, you must have interacted with more than 15 protocols and generated a volume of over $10,000, collectively in at least 3-4 weeks of operations.

The best tools in this regard are: 10kdrop, Bravos Pro Score, ZkCodex, and Trustgo.

Alessandro Adami
Alessandro Adami
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