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Helium Mobile: the modification to the telephone plan rules while the token explodes

Helium Mobile is experiencing a true explosion, both in terms of the number of subscriptions to its subscription and the price of its MOBILE token. 

But apparently, since some registrations could be from bad users, the project wanted to change the rules of its phone plan. 

Helium Mobile: what are the new rules of its subscription to obtain the bullish token? 

Helium Mobile has just updated the rules regarding its subscription which allows new subscribers to obtain the MOBILE token, which is currently in the midst of its bullish moment. 

According to what is reported, it seems that the price surge of MOBILE is attracting a lot of new subscriptions to the project’s phone plan. At the same time, however, it also seems that the situation is getting out of hand.

Specifically, since its national launch in early December, the new low-cost phone plan has seen an explosion of new customers and interest in its unique crypto payment mechanism for users.

The problem is that many of these registrations are suspicious, meaning they are created by malicious users. 

That’s why from now on, new Helium Mobile subscribers must wait eight days before they can request MOBILE tokens that they will receive in exchange for sharing their location through Discovery Mapping. 

This change aims to address the growth challenges of Helium’s partially crowdsourced cellular network. 

Helium Mobile: the price pump of +2300% in the last month and the strategy of suspicious users

The crypto service offered by the Helium Mobile project is based on a mix of T-Mobile towers and Helium-owned hotspots hosted by individuals. The hotspot operators receive MOBILE tokens as payment.

Not only that, even those who subscribe to the subscription and join the Helium Mobile location service, aimed at helping to drive the localization of new hotspots, are paid in MOBILE.

So Helium Mobile subscribers who use Discovery Mapping earn more than 2,000 MOBILE tokens per day. This amount is enough to cover the monthly subscription cost of $20 for Helium Mobile in just two days.

The fact is that in the meantime, the price of MOBILE has seen a pump of over 2300% in the last month, attracting more and more new customers. 

What seems to be happening that has led the crypto project to intervene on its phone plan, seems to be something related to speculation. 

And indeed, some customers, after obtaining MOBILE from the subscription service, held it for seven days and then canceled the phone plan, obtaining a full refund, as well as hundreds of dollars in MOBILE tokens. 

That’s why Helium’s new strategy should prevent these suspicious users from playing with the phone program.

The price of MOBILE

Looking at CoinMarketCap, Helium Mobile’s native token, MOBILE, is experiencing a month of total price bullishness.

And indeed, its current price is $0.0068 compared to $0.00028 at the beginning of December. Not only that, looking at the weekly chart, MOBILE has increased in price by over +600%.

At the time of writing, the market cap of the new token is already over 532 million dollars, which places it at 217th position in the overall ranking of cryptocurrencies. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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