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Trezor hardware wallets integrate Solana support.

Trezor, among the leading hardware wallet manufacturers, has recently expanded the support of its hardware wallets to include Solana tokens and Solana Program Library (SPL). 

The addition of these tokens, of which SOL is the native token of the Solana blockchain and SPL represents the token standard of Solana similar to Ethereum’s ERC-20, aligns with the growing interest in Solana amidst a significant price rally.

Trezor wallets together with Solana: a new collaboration in the crypto world

Both Trezor hardware wallets, the Model T priced at $179 and the Safe 3 available at $79 with improved security features, now facilitate the storage and management of SOL and SPL tokens.

Noteworthy is their compatibility with a wide range of over 8,000 coins and tokens, which allows users to carry out transactions, receive goods, and engage in trading activities seamlessly.

Solana, the focal point of this development, has seen a surge in both trading activity and online searches in the last two months.

Currently trading at $80.34, Solana has recorded an 8.62% increase in the last 24 hours, contributing to an impressive surge of 266.8% compared to the approximately $22 at the beginning of October. 

This price rally aligns with a noticeable increase in Google search volume for “Solana,” which has seen a 250% increase between early October and mid-December, as reported by The Block.

Trezor’s strategic move to integrate support for Solana and SPL tokens highlights the dynamic landscape of the cryptocurrency market and positions its hardware wallets as adaptive solutions that meet the evolving needs of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

This development is significant not only in the context of Trezor’s commitment to expanding token support, but also in response to the increased importance of Solana in the cryptocurrency space. 

The integration of SPL tokens further underscores Trezor’s commitment to providing a complete ecosystem for users seeking to securely store and manage various digital assets.

Solana’s performance 

The impressive performance of the Solana blockchain, reflected in the price rally and increased research interest, highlights the growing importance of alternative blockchain platforms. 

Trezor’s decision to incorporate support for SOL and SPL tokens aligns with the evolving dynamics of the cryptocurrency landscape, recognizing the demand for secure storage solutions for a wider range of digital assets.

Trezor’s hardware wallets, renowned for their robust security features, including Trezor Safe 3’s specialized chip, are well positioned to meet the needs of cryptocurrency enthusiasts seeking reliable and user-friendly storage solutions.

 The touch screen interface of the Model T enhances the user experience, offering seamless interaction for managing a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to experience rapid innovations and changes in investor preferences, the addition of support for Solana and SPL tokens by Trezor exemplifies the adaptability required by hardware wallet manufacturers. 

With the significant increase in the price of Solana and the growing attention, Trezor’s move not only targets the existing user base, but also positions hardware wallets as interesting options for those exploring opportunities within the Solana ecosystem.


In conclusion, the expansion of Trezor’s token support to include Solana and SPL tokens testifies to the company’s commitment to remain at the forefront of technological advancements in the cryptocurrency space. 

This strategic move not only enhances the utility of Trezor hardware wallets, but also reflects the company’s proactive approach in meeting the ever-evolving needs of the cryptocurrency landscape.