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Manta Pacific Network: airdrop of the MANTA crypto to all early adopters and Celestia (TIA) stakers

The decentralized network Manta Network announced a few days ago the launch of the “Into The Blue” incentive campaign, which introduces the airdrop of the MANTA crypto to all contributors of the cryptographic ecosystem.

After 3 years of research and development, Manta Pacific has become a successful layer-2 blockchain, with a TVL of approximately $750 million and a thriving environment for the development of decentralized applications.

Now the next step to further decentralize its infrastructure by adding an important piece to the puzzle is to release the MANTA token, which will be available on cryptocurrency markets in the coming days.

Among the eligible users to redeem the MANTA airdrop, there are not only individuals from the homonymous community, but also the Celestia (TIA) stakers.

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What is the decentralized network Manta Pacific?

Manta Network is an emerging web3 infrastructure that is about to launch its native crypto “MANTA” to all the main contributors of its ecosystem.

It is a network developed based on the OP Stack software components, and it is supported by VC such as Binance Labs, Polygons Labs, LayerZero Labs, and partners like Celestia who offer technical support in the context of DA.

This is part of the modular blockchain landscape and can be defined as the network par excellence in the field of data privacy, capable of offering an on-chain KYC verification without the need to scan passports or enter sensitive personal information.

Its product set leverages the innovative technology of zero-knowledge (ZK) cryptographic proofs to achieve greater scalability on L2 transactions.

Manta also incorporates the “Poseidon hash” implementation and other functions that consistently offer the fastest proof speed of any other rollup.

Among the various components of its ecosystem, we also find the zkNFTs and MantaPay applications that allow user-friendly and immediate access to ZK technology.

From a technical point of view, it consists of two parts, perfectly integrated within it: 

  • Manta Pacific: layer-2 of Ethereum, optimized for ZK native applications of the EVM environment, built with a focus on transaction scalability and efficiency for web3 developers. This is the chain that will host the MANTA crypto airdrop;
  • Manta Atlantic: layer-1 ZK of Polkadot representing a secure and reliable foundation for private dapps. It focuses on cryptographic identities and programmable credentials.
manta network airdrop crypto

The Manta Network team is composed of talents coming from renowned institutions such as Harvard, MIT, and Algorand, as well as experts in blockchain and distributed systems.

The mission of the project is to guide the next generation of web3 developers in designing the cryptographic environment of the future by discovering new use cases and embracing mainstream adoption of the technology.

Both in the DeFi sector, as well as in gaming and blockchain identity, Manta is recording impressive numbers, which have brought the TVL of the chain to around 750 million dollars.

The next step in Manta’s roadmap is to introduce its own native resource, while simultaneously rewarding all those who have supported the ecosystem in the last 3 years.

Airdrop of MANTA crypto to the first users of the chain and TIA stakers

As just mentioned, the Manta Network team will release an airdrop of the new crypto MANTA to all the main stakeholders and early adopters of the Manta Pacific layer-2, through an on-chain distribution.

This phase will take place within an incentive campaign called “Into The Blue”, which aims on one hand to reward all those figures who have contributed to the growth of the decentralized network in recent years and on the other hand to inject liquidity into its own ecosystem of cryptographic applications.

A total of 50,000,000 Manta tokens will be distributed, which is 5% of the circulating supply of the crypto, and eligible users will have 172 days to claim the earned MANTA tokens.

IntoThe Blue is just one of the many initiatives undertaken by the Manta team: other incentive programs like “Manta New Paradigm” allow the community to earn economic rewards by performing various on-chain activities.

In detail, the rewards of this campaign will be divided into two categories:

  • 30,000,000 MANTA tokens (3% of the total supply) allocated as airdrop rewards to supporters and users in the Manta ecosystem, both on Manta Atlantic and Manta Pacific;
  • 20,000,000 MANTA tokens (2% of the total supply) allocated as bonus rewards in a “great treasure hunt” organized by the project, where users can earn extra rewards by opening certain NFT boxes.

Below is a detailed graphic illustrating all eligible categories with information regarding the snapshot date and the expected allocation.

To check eligibility on your addresses, click on this link and connect your wallet.

airdrop crypto manta

To underline that citizens of the United States and other restricted regions cannot participate in Into The Blue.

It should also be noted that Celestia (TIA) stakers will be entitled to redeem the MANTA crypto airdrop.

As highlighted by the user “Airdrop Official” in an X space hosted by the cryptographic project team, this information has leaked, which will reward the community of the data availability platform.

The official announcement from Manta has not yet been released, where snapshots and expected allocation for this case are known, but we expect it to arrive shortly in the coming days.

Alessandro Adami
Alessandro Adami
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