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TON Pumps 40% on Telegram Profit-Sharing News; $GFOX Blasts to $4 Million


Like social media platform X, which offered to share ad revenue with its users in July 2023, Telegram founder Pavel Durov announced via his Telegram channel on Wednesday, February 28, that the platform would split ad revenue with channel owners. According to Durov, channel owners would get half of the ad revenue starting March 1, 2024. The platform intends to pay this revenue in $TON coins. 

Barely an hour after the announcement, the price of $TON surged by over 30%. Amidst the growing frenzy for $TON, $GFOX has also been shaking things up in the memecoin circle as the token is set to record $4 million in sales.

All You Need to Know About Ton

Telegram’s announcement to introduce an ad revenue sharing system for channel owners in nearly 100 countries has been described by many social media users and analysts as commendable. However, the platform’s decision to pay the revenue in $TON may have more underlying factors than a fair sharing ratio.

TON (The Open Network) is a blockchain network created by Telegram in 2018 with about $1.7 billion. Although the creators had intended for the blockchain to rival Ethereum, the project was abandoned because of legal issues with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Shortly after, other developers endorsed by Telegram’s founder, Pavel Durov, continued the project as Toncoin and the $TON token. 

Since the latest announcement by Telegram, $TON has gone up by nearly 40%. While the announcement did not mention an extra utility, the token’s function for governance, transactions, and other network operations still stands. 

Over the years, $TON has been used to support transaction fees, data storage, and access to the Toncoin proxy. As a governance token, $TON holders can participate in voting on proposals. Investors can also earn passive income from staking tokens to validate transactions on the network.

With the latest announcement from Telegram, $TON has the potential to gain more traction and adoption. By introducing an ad revenue sharing system, Telegram is creating a network of $TON utilities where content creators can either cash out their tokens or reinvest to promote their channels. Whatever their decision, the value and utility of $TON will increase. The aim of the social media platform is to create value for the token, as it did with the integration of $TON into Telegram’s user interface in 2023. While the token is currently rising, the less pricey memecoin $GFOX has also been rising steadily, journeying towards the $4 million sales mark. 

$GFOX to Hit $4 Million

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is the latest memecoin that combines play-to-earn games with meme features. The project gives its community multiple opportunities to generate passive income from NFT sales, play-to-earn games, and staking incentives.

The project’s main offer is its Web 3 Runner game, where players compete in marathons. At the end of weekly and monthly gaming seasons, the top 20% of players on the leaderboard are rewarded from a prize pool. Players also enjoy the in-game benefits of purchasing NFTs that can be listed and traded on OpenSea.

Staking is another feature of the Galaxy Fox project. The network’s “Stargate Pool” accumulates 2% from each GFOX transaction and distributes it to token holders. 

Since its presale launch, Galaxy Fox’s has raised over $3.5 million, with seven stages already sold out. The token’s presale structure has aroused the interest of many investors, which is a clear indication of the token’s prospects.

Galaxy Fox has gained attention in the crypto market as a potential competitor to coins like $SHIB, $PEPE, and $SOL. Among these coins, $GFOX stands out for its Web 3 ecosystem. The project’s unique hybrid design has positioned $GFOX to take GameFi to the next level. The token thus has high profit potential for early investors.

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Final Thoughts

Telegram’s decision to introduce an ad revenue sharing ratio for channel owners has created a frenzy around the token $TON, causing it to surge by over 30%. However, this move not only creates a fair sharing ratio for channel owners but also increases the utility and value of the $TON token. While $TON is still going strong, not many analysts are optimistic that the trend will continue with the same price surge in the long run. Hence, more retail investors have turned to memecoins.

$GFOX is one memecoin that has been making waves in the market, with sales expected to reach $4 million by March. 2024. $GFOX stands out for its unique hybrid design, an artistic blend of its play-to-earn games and meme features. The project offers multiple opportunities for passive income through NFT sales, play-to-earn games, and staking incentives. Its Web 3 ecosystem has positioned $GFOX as a potential competitor to other coins in the market, but at a cheaper price. With its potential, $GFOX could earn early investors 100x their investment. This is about the best time to buy GFOX.

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