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Investment Boom: ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF attracts record inflows

The Bitcoin ARK 21Shares ETF has reached a historic milestone with daily inflows exceeding $200 million. 

Overall, the market for Bitcoin ETFs has seen a significant increase, with net inflows reaching $243.4 million. 

This success was accompanied by a rapid increase in the price of BTC, which exceeded $72,000, recovering ground after temporarily dropping below $63,000 just a week before.

Let’s see below all the details. 

Record turnout for ARK 21Shares: the Bitcoin ETF market marks a historic increase

As anticipated, recently, the Bitcoin ETF ARK 21Shares (ARKB) has seen a significant influx of investments, surpassing 200 million dollars

This ETF, in collaboration with ARK Invest, the investment company of Cathie Wood, has raised exactly 200.7 million dollars, according to data provided by BitMEX Research.

Meanwhile, the market for Bitcoin-dedicated ETFs has seen a total inflow of $243.4 million, while the price of BTC has recovered, surpassing the $72,000 threshold one week after dropping below $63,000.

ARKB has thus reached the third place among Bitcoin ETFs for daily inflows, accessing a ranking dominated by IBIT of BlackRock and FBTC of Fidelity.

However, on Wednesday, FBTC reached a historic low of just 1.5 million dollars, while IBIT saw investments totaling 323.8 million dollars.

The main Bitcoin ETFs see record inflows

Bitcoin ETFs saw a significant increase on March 27, with a total of $243.4 million in net inflows, corresponding to 3,534.7 BTC. 

IBIT from BlackRock stood out at the top of the ranking with a net inflow of 323.8 million dollars, equivalent to 4,701.5 BTC. Bringing its total to a remarkable 13,862.7 billion dollars, equivalent to 250,787 BTC. 

This represents the largest weekly inflow ever recorded by BlackRock, exceeding the minimum inflow of the previous week by over ten times.

Ark Investment Management’s ArkB has marked a record day, collecting $200.7 million in net inflows, equivalent to 2,915.2 BTC, bringing the total to $2,276.7 billion or 44,086 BTC. 

However, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) continued to experience outflows, with $299.8 million, equivalent to 4,354.2 BTC, leaving the fund with a total of $14.662.8 billion, equivalent to 282,454 BTC.

Fidelity’s FBTC has recorded a record inflow of just 1.5 million dollars, equivalent to 21.8 BTC, bringing the total to 7,494.0 billion dollars, equivalent to 140,905 BTC, according to BitMEX.

Despite outflows from GBTC, total net inflows into Bitcoin ETFs have reached $11,942.6 billion, equivalent to 210,264 BTC, according to BitMEX.

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