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The crypto exchange Bitget launches the KCGI 2024 trading tournament: Ferrari and Lionel Messi signed merchandise among the prizes

Bitget, among the leaders of crypto exchanges, has enthusiastically announced the launch of the King’s Cup Global Invitational (KCGI) 2024, with prizes that include a Ferrari, merchandise signed by Lionel Messi, and 5 million USDT dollars.

Bitget: An unprecedented crypto tournament, Lionel Messi and a Ferrari among the prize pool 

The KCGI 2024 will start on June 7th with the Derivatives Trading Tournament, a three-week event that will test traders’ skills in the dynamic world of crypto derivatives.

Participants will indeed compete in different categories, including futures and personal missions, with the possibility of winning incredible prizes such as: a Ferrari 296, luxury watches, a soccer ball signed by Messi, and much more.

Bitget: Daily crypto profit challenge, how to get the Ferrari and Lionel Messi’s merchandising

During the tournament, participants will also be able to take part in the “daily profit challenge”, where they will have the opportunity to win various daily prizes, such as 100 BGB and exclusive certificates. 

Another interesting aspect is that the prize pool grows proportionally to the increase in the number of participants.

The same starts from 100,000 USDT for 8,000 participants and can reach up to 5,000,000 USDT if the number of traders exceeds 200,000. This regulatory choice obviously further encourages traders to participate and compete to win prizes.

Statements from Bitget

Gracy Chen, managing director of Bitget, stated:

“With the start of the fifth edition of KCGI, we are excited to offer traders an unprecedented opportunity to test their skills, challenge themselves, and compete for incredible prizes.”

He then continued by saying:

“The KCGI is more than just a trading tournament: it is a celebration of the passion, dedication, and talent of our global trading community. We look forward to welcoming traders from around the world on this exciting journey.”

We highlight the fact that in her statements Gracy Chen talks about “traders from all over the world” because since its inception, KCGI has grown to become one of the most prestigious trading tournaments in the cryptocurrency sector, with over 51,000 participants from different countries.

Information about Bitget

Founded in 2018, Bitget is one of the leading cryptocurrency and Web3 exchange companies in the world, serving over 25 million users in more than 100 countries.

The platform is known for its innovative copy trading features and other advanced trading solutions. 

With the KCGI 2024, Bitget offers an extraordinary platform for cryptocurrency traders to showcase their skills and compete for exceptional prizes.

Get ready for an unforgettable tournament and don’t miss the opportunity to win fantastic prizes.

Martina Canzani
Martina Canzani
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