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TRON Stagnates, As Raboo Surges Outshining Rival Meme Coin PEPE


Cryptocurrency is a known volatile asset class. In fact, this volatility is what attracts investors to it. However, when a project like TRON (TRX) is stagnant, it raises concerns among investors as to whether the crypto still has potential. Investors love a project like Raboo that is constantly rising in price, as it makes their investments worthwhile.

Raboo (RABT) is one meme coin tipped to consistently hit new highs, outshining even popular rival meme coins like PEPE. With a fast-selling presale already generating close to $2 million, many investors are letting go of cryptocurrencies such as TRON and PEPE to focus on this gem. But why is TRON stagnant?

Investors lose confidence in TRON

Investors are attracted to cryptos with high potential. Naturally, any investor 3-4 years ago would willingly invest in TRON, seeing it built a solid name for itself in terms of utility.

Recently, investors are no longer interested in buying into this cryptocurrency as they used to. Data from the past three months shows that TRON price has moved between $0.12 and $0.11 without any significant uptrends.

Market analyst predictions don’t look hopeful, either. Multiple predictions suggest TRON would sink lower to $0.08 in the coming months, erasing any hope of the coin finishing this year well. This is why TRON investors are moving to meme coins like PEPE and buying into Raboo’s presale for impressive gains.

PEPE: Still making meme coins great again?

Pepecoin says it has only one goal: to make meme coins great again. PEPE is a project backed by probably the most famous meme ever, PEPE the Frog. The meme coin also has zero buy or sell taxes, allowing investors to trade as much as they want without any fines.

On a year-to-year basis, PEPE has grown by more than 1000%, proving the profitability of meme coins. However, with the PEPE price moving back to the $0.00001109 area, it might not be long before investors start seeking other alternatives.

Without a doubt, PEPE has played a huge part in the meme coin rally in recent times. However, it looks like Raboo might be taking over from PEPE with its fusion of AI, meme culture, and community.

Raboo: Meme token backed by advanced AI

Often, people see meme coins as hyped-up projects without utility. Not Raboo, as it is a meme token backed by the most advanced AI technology to ensure only memes worthy of our time surface on the internet.

One of the amazing ways Raboo plans to do this is through Rabooscan. Rabooscan works like a typical blockchain explorer, but this time, it is armed with cutting-edge technology to add only top-tier memes to its database. This database forms the pool where Raboo users can generate thousands of creative memes with AI and earn while they have fun!

Raboo (RABT) will enable everyone to experience the power of SocialFi, taste the goodness of MemeFi, and experience the wonders of blockchain technology. Experts already predict that Raboo would have no issue being one of the top meme coins shortly after launch, as its solid foundations are second to none.


The AI revolution here. Will you swim with the tide or get swept away with the current? One way to be a part of this revolution is to buy into well-positioned AI meme coins like Raboo, which are expected to close the year with at least 100x.

Buying into the Raboo presale goes far beyond making some cash from cryptocurrencies like TRON. When you buy into this presale, you support a community of meme lovers and secure a bright financial future for yourself.  $RABT tokens are fast selling for $0.0048. 

You can participate in the Raboo presale here:



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