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OKX enters the crypto gaming Web3 and launches GameSphere

OKX enters the crypto gaming Web3, announcing the launch of “OKX GameSphere”. The new platform provides developers with a full range of innovative solutions to engage players. 

OKX and Web3 crypto gaming: the launch of the platform for GameSphere developers 

OKX has launched the new Web3 crypto gaming platform OKX GameSphere, dedicated to game developers.

In practice, it is an innovative platform that provides developers with a complete range of Wallet as a Service (WaaS) solutions, APIs, and game promotion.

The objective is to enable them to reach the launch of their Web3 games on the market more quickly, supporting them and creating an engaging experience for the players. 

Among other things, OKX GameSphere aims to provide developers with all the tools to bring their creative ideas to life, as well as offering support in the development process of their Web3 games and their distribution. 

Not only that, through the use of the API of the crypto gaming market, the exchange of tokens and the trade of NFTs will also be facilitated. In this regard, with OKX GameSphere, developers will also be supported in the issuance of new NFTs and all associated services such as NFT drops or flash sales or minting. 

The new crypto gaming platform then offers the possibility to integrate OKX Wallet within the project-game ecosystem for the creation, backup, and login of cryptocurrency wallets seamlessly.

And finally, not least in importance, there will also be the possibility for the project teams to establish their own royalties for NFT transactions.

OKX and the crypto gaming Web3 sector: GameSphere to enhance the gaming experience

This new entry of OKX into the world of crypto gaming Web3 with GameSphere also aims to provide an innovative platform capable of enhancing the gaming experience

In fact, OKX GameSphere provides exclusive game pages with game resources, links to social media, and other game-related information. Not only that, developers can also be supported in marketing through personalized promotions based on the specific needs of the collaborators. 

OKX GameSphere has already started to make waves in the Web3 gaming space, collaborating with leading projects such as Lumiterra, a multiplayer and open-world survival crafting game, and Metacene, a blockchain MMORPG.

The entry into the metaverse sector

While today we celebrate OKX’s dive into the world of crypto-gaming Web3, last February the company celebrated its entry into the metaverse. 

In fact, OKX Wallet along with Crypto.com DeFi Wallet and Halo Wallet, have become partners of Mocaverse. 

In this way, OKX Wallet users can request their unique Moca ID in-app, allowing them to enter the metaverse, where they can access various cultural and entertainment experiences. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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