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Crypto news: the judge approves the agreement between BlockFi and 3AC

A significant move in the blockchain sector with judicial consensus

BlockFi: crypto service provider emerges from bankruptcy

From 24 October 2023, the company will be able to start making repayments, according to the details of the plan.

BlockFi: the crypto service provider proceeds with Chapter 11 plan

If there is approval, customers' funds may be returned

BlockFi transfers $236 million from Silicon Valley Bank

The transaction was initiated at the insistence of the US Office of the Trustee

Is the crypto exchange Gemini responsible for BlockFi’s failure?

A class action lawsuit has been filed against the founders of the crypto exchange

BlockFi sues Sam Bankman Fried for $580 million

The goal is to take back shares in the Robinhood platform

The crypto news everyone expected: BlockFi is in bankruptcy

Yesterday the company filed for Chapter 11 with the intent to restructure and revitalize the company

BlockFi prepares for a bankruptcy filing

The contagion of FTX's collapse ensues

Binance is among exchanges at war over BlockFi credit cards: what’s next?

Also among the bidders for the BlockFi credit card program are Coinbase and Curve

BlockFi blocks withdrawals

They explain that the move is only contingent on better understanding how to provide optimal service to their users

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