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OpenAi facing legal troubles in Austria

OpenAI, a leader in the development of artificial intelligence technologies, is currently at the center of a privacy complaint in Austria, filed by the data rights group Noyb. The complaint accuses OpenAI's ChatGPT of spreading false information about an individual and potentially violating European Union privacy laws. OpenAI […]

I token AI are increasing in value and OpenAI presents the text-video generator Sora

In a whirlwind of news, AI tokens have seen a surge in value in the last 24 hours, following the much-anticipated presentation of the Sora text-video generator by OpenAI. The main players in the AI token sector, including those associated with Worldcoin and SingularityNET, have reported double-digit gains, signaling a significant response […]

Latest news for OpenAI co-founder’s crypto project: global launch of Worldcoin and WLD token announced

Parallel to the Worldcoin protocol, migration to OP Mainnet and public release of World ID SDK has also been announced

Crypto news: Worldcoin, founded by the creator of OpenAI, surpasses 2 million World ID man registrations

Worldcoin records over 2 million World ID registrations in response to growing demand

OpenAI Launches ChatGPT on the Apple Store

In the meantime it hints that it may exit the European market if regulations do not become more flexible

Elon Musk takes credit for OpenAI and ChatGPT

With the bold statement "It wouldn't exist without me"

Klarna-OpenAI Collaboration: How Cryptos Like Can Transform Shopping Industry

A mysterious new crypto token has emerged on the scene, inviting people to join its 'Millionaires Club'.

Klarna Joins Forces with OpenAI, Set to Transform Cryptocurrency Industry

The financial system is bracing for major changes from the innovative projects from fintech firms.

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