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Bitcoin Ordinals NFT: the first individual poem sold at auction by Sotheby’s

"Cord" by Ana Maria Caballero has been sold for 0.28 BTC or $11,430.

Sotheby’s presents live a new NFT auction in the RLTY World metaverse

During the Paris Blockchain Week, the experience will feature works by established artists such as Beeple, Julien Rivoire, Brinkman

Sotheby’s accepts BTC, ETH, USDC for black diamond The Enigma

Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD Coin accepted for auction of a rare 555.55-carat diamond

Upcoming NFT auctions worldwide: Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonhams and CAMBI

Since February 2021, Christie's has held around four Non Fungible Token auctions, Sotheby's has not lagged behind

Sotheby’s accepts bitcoin and ETH for the auctioned diamond

The venue relies on crypto for the auction of a diamond valued at $10-15 million

Christie’s and Sotheby’s try again: new NFT auctions

Claudia Hart implements the still life motif, inverting Matisse and Picasso references in a simulated, unsettling composition

The Banksy at auction on Sotheby’s sold for 13 million

The buyer will also be able to pay in BTC or ETH if he/she so wishes

Sotheby’s now accepts bitcoin and ether

Banksy's work is being auctioned and it will also be possible to pay in BTC and ETH

Yue Minjun Revolutionizes Bitcoin Art Scene with Pioneering Ordinals Collection on LiveArt

NEW YORK, United States, April 30th, 2024, ChainwireThe first major contemporary artist to adopt the Bitcoin blockchainLiveArt proudly unveils Human by Yue Minjun, the...

Contemporary Giant Yue Minjun Embarks on a Revolutionary Web3 Journey with his First NFT Project Exclusively on LiveArt

Yue Minjun, the contemporary art giant of the 21st century, enters the digital art space with his inaugural Web3 project.

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