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CEO of JP Morgan: blockchain, not Bitcoin

Jamie Dimon seems to be lagging behind a few years when it comes to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Crypto news: JP Morgan initiates JPM Coin transaction

Latest news regarding the new settlement of euro payments with the JPM Coin

JP Morgan fined $4 million by the SEC

It is charged only with an administrative offense, but it is suspected that there may be more behind it

JP Morgan pushes for crypto regulation after recent SEC lawsuits

According to the banking giant, the risk is to see an industry that processes billions of dollars, move to other markets outside the States

JP Morgan CEO speaks out against Bitcoin

In a recent statement, Jamie Dimon said that he "does not care about Bitcoin"

JP Morgan registers trademark for its crypto wallet

The JP Morgan Wallet has been officially registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office since 15 November

JP Morgan steps into crypto with Polygon and Aave

There is even a pilot project by the Monetary Authority of Singapore with tokenized government bonds

JP Morgan still sees red for the US stock market

According to the CEO of the major investment bank, the market could see a further 20% decline

CEO of JP Morgan calls crypto “decentralized Ponzi schemes”

He describes himself as a major skeptic of the cryptocurrency market

For JP Morgan, it’s time to sell bitcoin

Need to focus on value equities

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