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The Road To Profits Sees Holders In Pepe and This New Memecoin Heading To The Moon

KangaMoon (KANG) is another memecoin that has risen 400% in the past trading sessions after seeing heavy accumulation by traders.

The decline of memecoins: investors prefer cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, is it the end of an era?

Investors seem to prefer more established assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

MarketVector by VanEck introduces a new index to track the main memecoins

The index focuses on a diversified selection of memecoins, reflecting the growing importance of these assets in the crypto world.

New Viral Memecoin in Solana Network Stooges Launches $STOG Presale

Medellin, Colombia, April 29th, 2024, ChainwireStooges, a community-driven memecoin on Solana, announced the upcoming presale for $STOG coins starting on May 10 on Pinksale....

The memecoin airdrop temporarily reduces the cost of the Solana phone “Chapter 2”

Thematic cat-shaped airdrops: Solana phone customers get a memecoin bonus

Hipposol, A Solana-based Memecoin Announces $Hippos Token Presale Round

London, United Kingdom, April 24th, 2024, ChainwireToday marks a monumental day as Hipposol, A solana memecoin proudly announces the launch of $hippos pre sale...

Solana Foundation’s Strategy to Tackle Memecoin Concerns, Investors’ Confidence in Bitcoin & Rebel Satoshi Soars

Investor confidence in Bitcoin is rising as the market-leading cryptocurrency continues to prove resilient.

The ETFs on Bitcoin spot end the series of withdrawals after five days, bullish reversal forecast for this memecoin against Bitcoin

This week we have seen a potential bullish reversal signal for altcoins, especially for the memecoin Rebel Satoshi.

Promote a positive ‘culture’ of memecoins: Vitalik Buterin’s vision

Navigating through memecoins: Buterin's call for quality

Best 3 Memecoins For Insane Profits This Month: $PEPE, $BOME, $GFOX

The meme coin market continues its explosive 2024 rally, in which many meme coins have recently posted gains.

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