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The Ledger Nano X can be connected to MetaMask

Launched a few weeks ago a new feature that allows non-physical connection via Bluetooth.

Hackatao arrives on the Sandbox metaverse with the NFT game “HACK the TAO”

The new story reimagined in Web3 aims to restore balance in the crypto realm.

Metacade Unchains Web3 Gaming: Multi-Chain Integration Unites the Industry

London, United Kingdom, April 11th, 2024, ChainwireMetacade, the leading blockchain gaming platform, takes a monumental leap forward with the integration of multi-chains into its...

It is possible to add the Coinbase layer-2 to the MetaMask crypto wallet

Base is one of the layer-2 solutions that is easy to add to one of the world's leading Ethereum wallets.

Mocaverse: the metaverse of Animoca launches the token launch platform MocaList

This month is expected the launch of MOCA Coin.

MetaWin Launches New Base and Arbitrum Layer 2-Powered Swap System, Boasting 2-Second Payment Speeds and Half a Cent Gas Fees

London, United Kingdom, March 28th, 2024, ChainwireMetaWin, the trailblazing platform for on-chain prize competitions, is delighted to announce the incorporation of the Base and...

For Vitalik Buterin, the Metaverse is still poorly defined and conceived as a brand.

At the BUIDL Asia conference in Seoul, the co-founder of Ethereum shares his thoughts.

The blockchain game MetalCore, led by experts from Lukasfilm and Disney, receives $5 million in funding

Metalcore, innovative MMO game on blockchain, has just secured a $5 million VC funding.

Revolut collaborates with Metamask: a step forward in the crypto world

Revolut, the pioneering digital bank known for its innovative approach to financial services, has once again taken a step forward in the crypto space, collaborating with Metamask. With the launch of "Revolut Ramp", a feature aimed at simplifying the process of purchasing cryptocurrencies, the company is taking a significant step towards improving accessibility […]

Numbers of record for crypto scams in the gaming and metaverse sectors

A recent study has found that in the past year crypto scams in the metaverse have reached a record figure of $43.7 million.

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