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Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy: new $500 million fundraising to buy Bitcoin

The company launches a private offering of senior convertible bonds maturing in 2031.

The perspectives of Michael Saylor and Peter Thiel on Bitcoin trading

Bitcoin has returned to $50,000 USD after over 25 months in which cryptocurrency trading saw a significantly lower price.

Michael Saylor: a plan to sell $216 million worth of stock options in MicroStrategy (MSTR)

The proceeds from the sale will be used for personal purposes and to purchase additional bitcoins.

The predictions of Michael Saylor: Bitcoin at $350,000 by 2024.

The visionary CEO of MicroStrategy predicts an explosive future for Bitcoin.

MicroStrategy Bitcoin Trust: Michael Saylor highlights performance

From when the strategy started, August 2020, until today, BTC has returned +161%

Michael Saylor’s academy launches “the summer of Bitcoin”

The name of the paid internships seems to hymn the hope that the crypto winter may end

Michael Saylor quotes Italian premier Giorgia Meloni

He captured a three-year-old video of Giorgia Meloni against the CFA franc

Michael Saylor: there is no alternative to Bitcoin

A concept that actually a lot of people are repeating now, especially with respect to Ethereum

Michael Saylor: “Bitcoin mining is the most efficient, cleanest industrial use of electricity”

A lengthy blog post published by the head of MicroStrategy seeks to erase the urban legends hovering around BTC

Michael Saylor and MicroStrategy sued for tax fraud

They allegedly paid the former CEO's personal income taxes in Florida instead of Washington, D.C.

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