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pTokens has integrated any.sender

This way the user will no longer have to worry about setting the gas, and the minting of pTokens will be easier and faster

pTokens brings bitcoin on EOS

Already compatible with Ethereum, they are now available on the blockchain of

pBTC from pTokens arrive on Kyber Network

A whale has just created 10 pBTC bringing the total supply to over $100,000 just over a month after birth

Introducing pTokens to Eidoo; unchain your crypto assets & dive into DeFi

DeFi is taking over! The industry recently celebrated a new milestone, reaching $1 billion in Total Locked Value in mid-Febrary. Our friends over at Blockfolio...

pTokens arrive on the Ethereum mainnet

As a result, BTC is available for decentralized finance tools based on the Ethereum blockchain, such as Bancor and Kyber.

pTokens creates Litecoin (pLTC)

Following EOS and BTC, even LTC enters the world of DeFi thanks to a new token in ERC20 format.

Provable launches pTokens

The first will be the pEOS, but then there will also be the pBTC, pXRP and pLTC, allowing the different blockchains to "communicate" with each other

2024 Altcoin Portfolio – Next Big Cryptos to Watch

The 10 altcoins analyzed in this article represent some of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now, offering a diverse range of projects and use cases.

Bitcoin arrives also on Algorand

The pNetwork bridge that brings pBTC tokens on the Algorand blockchain has been launched

pNetwork leads the way for integrated blockchains and active bridges

Ten blockchains supported with as many bridges to increase interoperability between different chains

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