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Tom Brady NFT sold for $40,000, but marketplaces are victims of scams

According to an analysis, Non-Fungible Token users must be on guard.

The founder of Uniswap warns the crypto community about the ENS wallet scam

In the crypto world, where innovation often surpasses security measures, fraudulent activities are an unfortunate reality: the CEO of Uniswap's scam alert. Recently, Hayden Adams, the visionary behind the decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap, issued a warning to the cryptocurrency community regarding a skillfully orchestrated scam involving Ethereum Name Service domains […]

Ethereum at the forefront among the blockchains most affected by crypto scams

In the last year, 576.6 million pounds have been stolen, according to the report.

Nicholas Coppola: the 27-year-old behind the massive crypto scam ends up in jail

The suspect could continue his criminal activities while under house arrest.

Scam Crypto: WalletConnect warns users of an ongoing email phishing campaign

The scammers flood investors' emails promoting the launch of a token.

Crypto Scam: Eric Jardine of Chainalysis explains the approval phishing

The Cybercrime Research Lead comments on the explosive growth of the romantic scams technique.

North Korea protagonist of crypto thefts and scams that occurred in 2023

In the field of cybersecurity, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) continues to assert its dominance, with hackers affiliated with North Korea involved in an impressive third of all exploits and crypto thefts last year. The TMR Labs report sheds light on the thefts by the hackers.

In 2023, the crypto ecosystem has suffered losses of 1.8 billion dollars caused by hacks and scams.

The hacks and scams in 2023 remain high in the crypto world.

Phishing scam: 58 Million dollars in crypto stolen from thousands of users.

Hackers have used Google and Ads on X to steal users.

Netflix: the film Bitconned about the crypto scam by Ray Trapani and Centra Tech coming in January 2024.

The new documentary tells the story behind the cryptocurrency scam.

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