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Trust Wallet alerts the crypto community about a potential fraud within iOS devices: “Turn off iMessage”

Trust Wallet has warned the entire crypto community about a potential scam that would exploit the iMessage function of iOS devices.

Report on Crypto Trading by Bidget: many active users in Europe

The European traders are conservative but also very interested in DeFi.

Trust Wallet launches Swift for crypto smart contracts

A new feature that allows you to pay for gas in over 200 tokens, including TWT.

Ramp revolutionizes crypto onboarding with an ID-less process in Brazil

The crypto payment company Ramp is carrying out an innovative initiative in Brazil, with the aim of simplifying the onboarding process for potential customers. In the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency landscape, accessibility and ease of use are crucial for widespread adoption. The company's latest move is to launch an onboarding system without […]

How to make cryptocurrency bridges from the BSC network to ETH or vice versa

In this article we will see how to perform a cryptocurrency bridge from the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) cryptographic network to the Ethereum Mainnet...

1inch Network token: how is the price of the 1INCH coin progressing?

The latest crypto news from the largest DEX aggregator

Airdrop of layer-2 Zora: here’s everything to do to obtain free cryptocurrencies

The trend of layer-2 blockchains on Ethereum is emerging more and more in the web3 landscape

A look at the crypto SEI project airdrop: check to see if you are eligible

All the details about the new layer-1 and the eligibility criteria

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