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Mad inflation in Turkey pushes citizens to adopt Bitcoin and crypto

In Turkey, inflation has officially gone out of control, leading citizens to increasingly consider Bitcoin and crypto.

OKX officially launches a new crypto-exchange in Turkey

OKX.TR offers new trading pairs denominated in Turkish lira.

The Turkish Central Bank has carried out its first experiments with the digital lira

The first payment transactions on Turkey's digital network have been carried out successfully

Turkey experiences record-breaking inflation

From 2020 onward, the country has experienced a spike in inflation, rising from 6.37% to 10.41% in 2021

Turkey’s first cryptocurrency exchange Coinzo closes

Turkey's leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinzo has decided to cease its operations

Statista: 20% of Turks own and use cryptocurrencies

The focus on cryptocurrencies began to grow after the country's economic crisis in 2018

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