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Eidoo wallet to become hypersmart thanks to ORS A.I. algorithms

Amelia Tomasicchio
Amelia Tomasicchio

Eidoo, the app that helps cryptocurrency go mainstream with multi-currency wallet, and ORS SA, the Swiss company of leading A.I. software group ORS GROUP, are announcing today the closing of a sales agreement for integrating the ORS Crypto Robo Advisor “Hypersmart Contract with the Eidoo wallet.

Eidoo also plans to launch a hybrid exchange, a decentralized marketplace, and a debit card in the near future.

Eidoo users will be able to automatically use Artificial Intelligence algorithms in trading and investing crypto assets on the basis of their own preferences and risk profiles.

With over 200,000 downloads worldwide, Eidoo is set to become a leader in offering advanced blockchain-related functionalities.

With a portfolio of over 1,000 algorithms and hundreds of software solutions, ORS intelligent connector (the Hypersmart Contracts) of A.I. & Blockchain is set to dramatically enhance blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

About Eidoo

Eidoo is a fast, easy multicurrency wallet and hybrid exchange for blockchain assets, and the first human-to-blockchain interface for all cryptocurrency needs. Eidoo is available to download for free from the iOS app store or the Google Play Store for Android. Learn about Eidoo from the official business paper and stay up to date on Twitter @eidoo_io.

About ORS

The ORS Group is a software company of more than 100 IT developers and scientists. It boasts over 20 years of experience in delivering sophisticated A.I.-based optimization software solutions to a large international client base (www.ors.ai).

Their new product, the Hypersmart Contracts (“HSC”), aims to provide access to more than 1,000 proprietary algorithms and hundreds of software solutions to the Crypto Community and to established businesses (www.orsgroup.io). At ORS, we envision a global network of entrepreneurs and independent companies empowered by our ABC technology building blocks: Algorithms, Blockchain, cryptocurrencies.

Amelia Tomasicchio
Amelia Tomasicchio

Amelia is an investigative digital currency journalist and marketing expert. She started working in the fintech industry in 2014, after graduating from university in Rome with a thesis about how the movie industry relates to Bitcoin. She believes that the blockchain will change the way the economy operates worldwide.

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