Connext is an infrastructural level that thanks to its business model allows the Ethereum network to be “scaled” like never before, positioning itself between the network and all the products, such as wallets, dApps or creators of crypto content, that integrate and support Connext.

At the heart of this technology is a very effective concept which is easy to integrate for any developer. It seems like a joke and too good to be true but, it really only takes six lines of code to implement Connext in a project. 

This allows creating and developing efficient applications throughout the Ethereum ecosystem. It undoubtedly improves interoperability between infrastructures thanks to its operation and is applicable to most use cases. 

The use of Connext enables instant transfers between wallets, allowing to monetize content by opening the doors to micropayments, which are easy to implement due to the very low fees, and to develop decentralized video games on the Ethereum mainnet. 

The payment system it uses is somewhat inspired by the Lightning Network, but unlike LN, Connext can be used with ERC20 tokens, instead of only Bitcoin

In fact, Connext is able to group different transactions from users through an off-chain channel, rather than directly commissioning them one by one on the blockchain

This process makes transactions much faster, scalable and extremely cheap. It also eliminates the need to rely on an intermediary and the need for custodians to hold users’ funds.