DDEX is a decentralized Lending and Margin Trading platform, built on Hydro Protocol, a protocol created specifically to facilitate the creation of decentralized exchanges, providing developers with the Hydro SDK, a Software Development Kit. 

The Lending and Borrowing activities DDEX offers are still at a more basic stage with respect to its competitors and, compared to the main dApps that are currently operating in the DeFi world, it is not so populated.

This can be seen from the data on the total liquidity available for lending and the total value of borrowed assets. 

In addition, the tokens supported are only six and the interest rates on deposits are not as competitive as those offered on the market. The highest APR is found on Dai deposits, which is 8.11%.

Interest rates on deposits and loans are automatically regulated by an algorithm based on the supply and demand of the token. 

DDEX also offers a Margin Trading service with leverage ranging from 2 to 5 times the deposited amount; it is also possible to customize it at will, but staying within the range mentioned above.