Weekly horoscope about Aquarius


Start the week with a bullish mood: Mercury returns active in Gemini from Monday 13/6 and this means that your mental sphere goes into a pump of brilliant and courageous ideas, expressing your talent. Not only that, the Full Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday 14/6 puts all your feelings about your future, progress and innovations into lightning-mode. You feel projected into tomorrow with more conviction than usual, sharing your ideas with friendly nodes, so you can say it all out loud! HODLing and observing in the middle part, but from Friday the mood goes to-the-moon: emotional relationships are at a standstill over home & family issues that may just be resolved now. Also at work, that feeling of ‘verifying’ with co-workers over your priorities is now clearer. Weekend with Sunday in a pump of concreteness: express yourself to the fullest!