Weekly horoscope about Aquarius


The week starts in an optimistic mood: Mercury returns directly from Monday and all your FUD and FOMO about ‘home and family’ issues fade into something else, who knows, maybe you find solutions. Volatile mood in the middle: Jupiter moves into Taurus from Thursday 16/5 and ‘blocks’ your personal expansion and growth so that you devote it to your nest. You may have to put yourself aside, but who knows, using this powerful energy for them could still fill you with satisfaction. Not only that, but the New Moon in Taurus on Friday the 17th adds a strong sense of ‘belonging’ to what you may be feeling at the moment. Weekend more in a bull-run mood: Mars moves into Leo on Saturday 20 May, putting your ingenuity in hard-fork, and it’s time to think deeply about your personal projects, while the New Sun in Gemini on Sunday 21 May kicks off your month of ‘expression’, and now your talent, courage and passion are being heralded