Weekly horoscope about Aquarius


Mood volatility at the beginning of the week: a few wrong words can make even the most “visionary” of the zodiac nervous! Mercury in Taurus from Monday 11/4, puts your thoughts in verify-mode on matters related to the home or family. Perhaps a move or new roles in the family could put FUD and FOMO in your ultra-thinking mind. In the middle part you come back more in pump: emotional relationships experience a period of capital gain and now the desire to team up with partners and co-workers is stronger than ever! Mood bullishness in the final part: with Mars in Pisces from Friday 15/4, you also look at your personal project roadmap with more concrete eyes and with more “feasible” goals. With the Full Moon in Libra on Saturday 16/4 in lightning goes your strong sense of teamwork without losing your individuality. At Easter there is some mood volatility: perhaps an inner rebellion of yours against the traditionality of the holidays!