Weekly horoscope about Aquarius


Mood volatility at the beginning of the week: Jupiter returns to Aries from Tuesday 20/12 coloring your communication and all related activities with luck. You are full of thoughts and now “authentic messages” that need to be conveyed. The Sun’s shift into Capricorn from Wednesday 21/12 ushers in your “preparation” month. Like a Bitcoin HODLer, you are now standing still and observing the market around you, perhaps choosing whether some cryptos, which have made their history, are to be shorted out of your wallet for good. Metaphor, of course, to match your personal projects, your useless thoughts but also people. Not only that, with the New Moon in Capricorn on Friday 23/12 it’s time to pick up that suitcase and choose what to put in it. Christmas Sunday with a to-the-moon mood: who knows, this year will finally become special!