Weekly horoscope about Aquarius


Personal wellness pump at the beginning of the week: you feel something is changing for the better! And in fact, the new Sun in Virgo on Tuesday 23/8 ushers in your “transformation” month, and it’s time to leave who you were, to become who you are, with your renewed roadmap, and in line with your new vibes! Not only that, Uranus Retrograde in Taurus from Wednesday 24/8 makes you more reflective about the “home&family” issues you’ve been experiencing and all the unpredictability you’ve been able to handle well during this long “crypto winter”. Mood pump&dump in the middle part: in love you continue the hard-fork period, reflecting on how things with your partner are different now. Luckily Mercury arrives in Libra from Friday 26/8 making you more open-minded, ready to grasp expansive solutions among your ideas. Weekend in a bullish mood: the New Moon in Virgo on Saturday 27/8 enriches with feelings this period dedicated to your new skin, new part of you!