Weekly horoscope about Aquarius


To-the-moon mood at the beginning of the week: you‘re 100% yourself, in perfect harmony with your vision and inspirations about your future, so much so that you’re already receiving some positive signs that indicate you’re on the right roadmap. In pump of concreteness in the central part: the First Quarter Moon in Pisces on Wednesday, 30/11 makes you more practical and rational, perhaps inducing you to brainstorm all the thoughts you have during the day. Even in the final part you are in a bullish mood: favored then are relationships that speak of innovation and progress, that are original and anti-conventional, because never before have you wanted to stay outside of traditions. And in fact, on Sunday you are in a volatile mood: perhaps some gatherings are becoming repetitive and boring, or you don’t manage as you would like to involve the people you care about in your vision. as you would like people to.