Weekly horoscope about Aries


Mood volatility at the beginning of the week: home&family matters take some priority. Luckily, already in the middle part, the mood is bullish: the new Sun in Aries from Wednesday 20/3 inaugurates your new roadmap 3.0 and now there is only to express your desires for evolution before you blow out the candles. Who knows, in your mental metaverse you have already sorted out your ideas, prioritising things properly. Not only that, the new Mars in Pisces from Friday 22/3 puts you in HODL in acting with your new personal projects, but supports you in preparing for them as best you can. Even in relationships you pay little attention to new things, but prefer to hold the people you keep betting on, dismissing once and for all those who have had their day. Weekend mood is in a feel-good pump: you want to organise your activities so that you can enjoy your free time to the full.