Weekly horoscope about Aries


Mood volatility at the start of the week: a situation at work is making you sway! But don’t worry, it’s only a matter of mood, in fact Jupiter in Taurus is giving you palpable luck with your hand! More in a bull run mood in the middle part: you feel lighter and freer, useful for inspiring yourself and others to follow a vision of yours that you have completely fallen in love with. In relationships, in fact, it’s a period when you focus on friendship, and who knows for those looking for love you might not find it starting now. Weekend in a HODLer mood, observing the market, but there is news. Sunday 10/3 there will be the New Moon in Pisces and Mercury in Aries: on the one hand, you perceive inwardly that you are preparing yourself for something new, and on the other hand there is a personal affirmation pump in your mental metaverse, where you are now the avatar protagonist of your own exploits!