Weekly horoscope about Aries


A bullish start to the week: the new roadmap is underway and you’re mentally on fire! Love and personal projects are still in HODL-mode, so take advantage of this to meditate and organize your next moves, while you definitively short everything that no longer excites you. As if to say: begin a new chapter! And that’s not all: with the new Sun in Taurus on Wednesday 20/4, you are ready to pass the lightning torch to the next sign, inaugurating your month dedicated to “capital gains”. A bit of a mood dump in the final part of the month, perhaps due to the contrast between your expectations and your frenetic desire to make your personal statement a reality! Keep calm. Bullish weekend: the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius on Saturday 23/4 inspires you to free yourself emotionally and launch yourself into more original experiences!