Weekly horoscope about Aries


HODLing and observing the market early in the week: the New Moon in Pisces on Monday, 2/20 aligns the “preparation” period on an inner level as well. You need to close a cycle related to your personality, and transcend everything that has run its course, kind of like when you go short and liquidate that crypto-asset that you know has been overtaken by other, more emerging projects. Mood to-the-moon in the middle part, perhaps you feel the influence of the new Venus in Aries from Monday 20/2 giving new vibes of harmony, beauty and you feel like blossoming both in love and in business relationships, where you could close beautiful negotiations. Then again, you continue to be supported by luck! Weekend in pump of concreteness: you start looking at new crypto or NFT projects projecting yourself into the future and evaluating the feasibility of earning money!