Weekly horoscope about Aries


Volatile mood at the beginning of the week: you are a little restless in view of astrological changes! And in fact, the new Sun in Virgo from Tuesday 23/8 inaugurates your month dedicated to “personal wellness” and who knows if youll want to dedicate yourself to some healthy sport, or start some new diet or any activity that gives you psycho-physical health. Not only that, Uranus Retrograde in Taurus from Wednesday 24/8 makes you more reflective on the “capital-gain” issue and the unpredictability you’ve been able to manage well during this long “crypto winter”. The mood returns more bullish in the middle part: in love you are explosive, sexy and full of courage! Too bad Mercury arrives in Libra from Friday 26/8 to spoil the party a bit, putting you into hard-fork thoughts about the very relationships you have with others. Weekend follows the mood in the pump: the New Moon in Virgo on Saturday 27/8 organizes your feelings, with attention to detail!