Weekly horoscope about Aries


Early week mood volatility: between self-love and what is required of you by society. Actually, the new Venus in Virgo on Monday, 5/9, speaks of “personal well-being” not only in your personal roadmap but also in the roadmap for two! And in fact, as of now, you may aim to reorganize relationships in general, devoting more time to your loved ones, but also in work, giving more attention to the details of any negotiations. More in a pump of inspiration in the middle part, all turned toward innovation, progress, and the future, but be careful not to travel too far with your mind, the risk is getting into FUD and FOMO! More in HODL in the final part: with the Full Moon in Pisces on Saturday 10/9 you are very reflective about your personal health and the healthcare market in general! Sunday the mood goes to-the-moon: you touch your ATH (or all-time high) of energy!