Weekly horoscope about Cancer


Mood volatility at the start of the week: perhaps temperature swings make you like you more weather-wise. Mars enters Aquarius from Tuesday 13/2 and the pump on the ‘clapperboard’ arrives, getting you started on a ‘new film’ full of twists and turns, so that all your new ideas find fertile ground to be realised. Bull run mood in the middle part: there is freedom and inspiration in the air, to be breathed in with open lungs. Not only that, Venus also enters Aquarius from Friday 16/2 and in relationships, you finally change your tune, and who knows, good news for the heart will come. This Stellium in Aquarius highlights your theme of the moment, inviting you to reshape your roadmap that has been too much under questioned by yourself. Weekend with the HODLer mood in market observation: who knows, if you remove certain feelings, you will be able to make room for new ones!