Weekly horoscope about Cancer


The start of the week is bullish with enthusiasm: the Easter festivities in your family fill you with pure love! Love and personal projects feel like “travelling”, “exploring” and who knows, you may already be visiting new places or the metaverse that open your mind and heart! Not only that, the new Sun in Taurus on Wednesday 20/4 inaugurates your month dedicated to “vision” and as if you had a 3D glasses at hand, you are ready to create your new immersive experience. The mind gives birth to new, original and innovative ideas and, as well as sharing them with friends, you also want to “throw yourself” into living them in the reality you prefer. A bit of a mood dump in the final part: perhaps your partner is not following your energy. Recovering at the weekend: the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius on Saturday 23/4 inspires you to “transform” your life soon!