Weekly horoscope about Cancer


Early week with a to-the-moon mood: you feel like affirming your feelings and happiness! A pump of practicality in the middle part: you’re inspired to take action to set up a nice long, maybe on some crypto-assets you’ve been watching for a while! Bottom line, you’re still focused on analysis and study in your personal project roadmap! The final part is also in a mood pump: in your relationships with your partner and colleagues you are in the mood to share, to perform a nice trade of personal and deep thoughts! The New Sun in Libra from Friday 23/9 inaugurates your month on “home&family” matters and who knows, a new move or new roles in the family will now fully capture your attention, putting you on alert to deal with it all! Not only that, the New Moon in Libra on Sunday 25/9 adds excitement and feelings to this new stage: you, however, stay grounded!